It's time for Day 1 & 2, again!

  So, my wonderful mentor posted that she wanted to do a Fit For The Fright Challenge. The name came from another group member, as it's in time to get us ready for our Halloween costumes. Seeing as how I've gained a little weight back, I didn't think this would be the worse of ideas.

  Of course, I have to start the challenge with a whopping cold. Oh goody. A bonus of having a cold is that I don't feel terribly hungry most of the time. I have a super crazy schedule so it's not exactly easy to get in the exercise I should be getting in.

  For example, yesterday, I was up at 7:30am, headed to job #1 from 10:30-2pm. Then I headed to my next job. The shift was from 3-11pm and then it takes a fair amount of time to get home on the bus. I didn't make it through the shift at my other job. I was already losing my voice and working the register it went completely. Then whenever I tried to talk, I would start coughing. Not a good thing to do when working the register. 

  I hate leaving work sick. I hate calling out. It's not something I want to do. Today, however, I chose to stay home and rest and try and get better. I'm feeling better, but my voice isn't back to 100%. Pending how I sound in the morning, I may be at home again tomorrow. I don't like that a bit, but luckily I have some sick time so I'm not losing money.

  I did well for Day 1 & Day 2. Being sick isn't easy. Keeping things spaced out when you're trying to sleep a lot, not super easy, but I've managed to do the best I can and not eat super unhealthy. I did have soup with some crackers today, but they were within my calorie range and they are actually "healthy" as soup and crackers go.

  The one thing that might not entirely be on target is all the tea with honey and throat lozenges that I have consumed. This is a necessity for being sick and I figure as long as I stick to plan and eat well otherwise it shouldn't affect me too much overall.

  For anyone curious, starting weight is 175.6lbs. Measurements are as follows: Chest 44in, Waist 33in, Hips 44.5 in, and Thighs 26.5in. I am not sure I have an ideal goal for the end of this. I just really want to get back into the habits that I was in and keep them going again. I feel that this will probably be an on going effort and cycle and I can live with that. 

  Last time, I used the paper journal they send with the challenge to document everything. It wasn't included in my order this time for some reason. I've been using the app and I have to say I find it severely lacking in user friendliness. I've been making notes of the issues and plan on seeing if there's someone to contact about it. Well, it's off to bed for more rest and will hopefully feel better in the morning.