Day 1

Hi folks,

  I'm doing a popular 24-day challenge. I'm not going to use brand names or give a lot of product detail, so if you have questions, feel free to reach out. This is mainly so I don't have to worry about getting in trouble. If you want to "see" what I'm doing, head over to my Instagram (click the icon on the bottom of this page) and you'll have actual photos of the products I'm using. If there are grammar errors or spelling mishaps, please know that I'll be reviewing these; but, do keep in mind that each post is written at the end of my day. I'm tired and so I'm not 100% focused on how things are being said, just concentrating on getting the thoughts out. I thought it might help me on my journey to write things out: frustrations, challenges, and successes. 

  So, my day started at 5:15am. I didn't want to be up that early, but my body decided I needed to be, so that's that. I had a call from my mentor at 6am to review everything that was going to happen and establish the routine. Her help is so greatly appreciated and having someone on my team, who understands my pain is a huge deal. I didn't have a mentor the last time that I did it, so I know this will be a huge benefit. (I did have the support of an amazing friend, but they live an extremely busy life so they aren't always available.)

  After my call, I had my energy boost with some fiber; and, my get up and go pills. One of them helps with cravings during the day and the other helps with workout recovery. I then did my 30-Day challenges. I have a specific app for that and happy to let people know which one if they ask me. I'm on Day 9 as I started these, well 9 days ago. I might be going slightly overboard with the challenges as I'm attempting four at the moment. They do, however, build on one another and so it doesn't take up a whole lot of time in the morning. I love that I don't need equipment to do them.

Exercises completed through the 4 challenges this morning:

  1. 60 seconds of plank jacks
  2. 60 second plank
  3. 16 Russian Twists (to the right & left side counts as 1). Did them for 60 Seconds. Half legs off the floor and half feet on the floor. 
  4. 60 seconds of crunches, which equaled 35 total. 20 with legs raised & 15 without, alternating every 10.
  5. 35 Squats
  6. 20 Bridges
  7. 25 Lunges
  8. 65 secs box jumps. I use stairs as I don't have a box.
  9. 65 secs curtsey lunges. I think it was 8 total and that's doing one on the right and one on left to complete 1.

  Breakfast was a shake with almond milk and my coffee. Note: I drink my coffee black. I brew it with pumpkin pie spice or cinnamon in the grounds to give it a little spicy taste, but no sugar & no milk. 

  Lunch & dinner consisted of a tuna burger, bruschetta sauce and my quinoa side dish I made. The quinoa side dish contains edamame, black beans and corn. Lunch is 1/2 cup and dinner is a 1/4 cup to cut down on the number of carbs; however, my mentor and I agree (currently) that since I tend to work later and need the added energy.

  I had three snacks during the day. The first was baby carrots with a snack size of guacamole, which I had before I stared my first job today, which I had from 9am-2pm. I work in a grocery store as well as a candy store. Thank god for the pills that help cut down on cravings. After my shift and before starting the one at the candy store, I had celery with two tablespoons of organic, no salt added peanut butter. The last snack was before coming home and I had pineapple and a string cheese.

  This isn't a challenge where you starve yourself. In total I ate 1,412 calories. I'm trying to keep between 1,200-1,500. I'll probably be towards the higher end since I have fairly active jobs (a lot of walking around) and workout. I will be starting to train for another half-marathon so that will most likely keep me on the higher end as well. I am following their guidelines for what to avoid and what eat. My mentor is super amazing with helping me figure out what's best to do for snack as that's usually a downfall for me. 

  I also have a step tracker (the really popular one) and it sends my calories burned to my food app. So, I know that I earned -791 calories from all the walking and exercise, which leaves me 610 calories under budget. Not bad for a first day. Just took my bedtime pills and am getting ready to collapse for an early morning tomorrow. 

  FYI, the only drinks I drink are their energy drink, their hydration drink, water and coffee. I have cut out alcohol and sodas for this. I don't really drink sodas as it is. My downfall are the sugary lattes from those coffee shops. You know the ones I mean. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but the craving suppressor is a lifesaver. 

  I've included photos of what I ate so you know I'm not making it up. Tomorrow is going to be very challenge as it's Mother's Day and I'm going to be home and their having a sushi dinner. I'm going to stick to my guns. Already told my mom that I will be home, but not to order me any. I LOVE SUSHI. 

  I have yet to take before photos, but plan to in the morning or shortly. I doubt I'll post them, but I did take my beginning measurement and weight. While I'm not thrilled about posting that, I think it might help to have a before and after idea. I'm a 44", 31" & 44". My thighs are a 25". I'm 5'9" and currently weight 169.2 lbs.