Day 3

  Well today provided it's own challenges. Getting more sleep certainly helped. I did not, however, want to get out of bed this morning. I schedule each of my days. I am not good at accomplishing things without a schedule. I have come to accept this about myself. It's ok to need to plan everything out. 

  I take a Hunter for a walk in the morning and then follow it by my challenges. Today had some of my least favorite exercises:

  1. 80 sec Plank 
  2. 90 sec Jumping Jacks (hate these, boobs hate them too)
  3. 90 sec High Knees (yuck)
  4. 90 sec Burpees (shoot me now)
  5. 40 Squats
  6. 25 Bridges
  7. 30 Lunges
  8. 65 sec Calf Raises
  9. 65 sec Squat Jumps
  10. 65 sec Lateral Lunges

  Man I really do not like jumping jacks, high knees or burpees. Burpees especially. Could you tell?

  After I finally managed to get out of bed, I did what my mentor had been asking and took before photos. I'm not quite brave enough to post these just yet, but I have them for future comparison. 

  I didn't head to work until 11am. I did one job from 12-5pm & the next from 6-11pm. Long day, but my energy levels were maintained well for most of the day. I really enjoyed the new peanut butter I got that has chia & flax seeds in it. It was a delicious snack on a banana. The big trouble came at lunch time when I heated up my quinoa; and then, proceeded to drop it on the floor. Not having that source of carbs at lunch made me more sluggish than normal.

  I did heat up my dinner portion, but that's half of my portion that I have for lunch. I see why I need more complex carbs at lunch then at dinner. I ended up having to grab a snack at 10pm because I was so hungry. I tried some garlic herb chicken sausages as my protein for today. They were delicious. I ended up with 200 more calories than yesterday, so I ended up only being 475 calories under. Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly. 

  I realized I forgot to add the temptation I avoided at work. My coworkers at the grocery store decided to try a new chocolate bar that looks unbelievably amazing. I was offered a piece and turned it down. When asked why, I explained I was doing a 24-day challenge and my coworkers were super supportive. One of the girls tried to pretend it tasted terrible, but I told her it was ok to let me know how it really was. She said, "It's like magic dancing in my mouth."

  This chocolate bar (which is closer to a bark) is milk chocolate with marshmallow and graham crackers. Apparently there is marshmallow inside the chocolate as well as pieces. Another coworker asked why I said no and I told him and part of his response was, "Marshmallow is good for your soul." He then asked what day of the challenge I was on and when I said three, he responded with, "That's the hardest day. Way to go!" 

  I have no problem being offered food and explaining why at the current moment I'm not trying it. It's also very nice to have coworkers support you when you're going through this and being understanding.