Day 5

  Today hasn't been very challenging in any specific terms. I tried to sleep in. It sort of worked. I had a very sluggish morning. I had my energy and then walked the dog and did my workout. It was a tough workout. By the time I had finished, I had consumed five cups of water and needed to get some electrolytes back in my body. Thank god for the powder that helps do that.

My workout today:

  1. 80 sec Plank & Reach
  2. 90 sec Squats
  3. 90 sec Lunges
  4. 90 sec Wall Sit
  5. 45 Squats
  6. 30 Bridges
  7. 35 Lunges
  8. 85 sec Lateral Lunges
  9. 85 sec Calf Raises
  10. 85 sec Squat Jumps

  I opened a package I received yesterday. My sixth grade teacher sent me a spiralizer. I am super stoked to use it and have checked out the website with the recipes. So many yummy recipes to be made. I do wish that some of them actually said the serving size as opposed to serves 2 because that makes it a lot trickier; but, I'm sure I can figure it out. 

  I spent most of my day working on my Curvy Girl Complications blog and getting posts set up for the next few weeks and writing others. I met friends to celebrate one of their birthdays and see Guardians of the Galaxy. (I had already seen it, but one doesn't say no to seeing that again.) I packed up my dinner and a snack and put it in my purse and took it with me. I got a bottle of water at the theatre and ate my snack during the movie. 

  When I came home, I walked the dog, proofread some posts, wrote some new ones and am now writing this. My bears are always watching and making sure that I get things done. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully all goes according to plan.