Day 6

 So, today was another day off. While I do work two jobs, I like to make sure that my days off are actually days off. I get 20 hours at the candy store on top of my scheduled hours at the grocery store. (Hopefully my hours at the grocery store will increase, but I don't have much control over that.)

  Today I got up, walked the dog and did my 30 Day Challenges. I'm pretty stoked because tomorrow after I complete my challenges, I will have completed half of the 30 Day Challenges. I'm fairly certain that it's the furthest I've gotten in any challenge that I've tried. 

Today's challenge exercises:

  1. 90 sec Plank
  2. 90 sec Russian Twists
  3. 90 sec Crunches
  4. 35 Lunges
  5. 30 Bridges
  6. 50 Squats
  7. 90 sec Box Jumps
  8. 90 sec Sumo Squats
  9. 90 sec Curtsey Lunges

  After that I had breakfast and went over to my best friend from high school's place to start planning her baby shower. I'm super honored to have been asked to plan it and I am so truly happy for best friend and her husband. They are two of the nicest people on this planet and deserve such wonderful things. I think our first planning meeting went very well and we are on a good track.

  After that, I came home, took out food to defrost and took Hunter for his afternoon walk. Today was filled with writing and editing more Curvy Girl Complications posts. I found some photos of myself as a child and scanned them in to put with the next post that goes up tomorrow. 

  Hunter, it should be stated, loves to help me workout. He has stood in front of me asking for pets when doing lateral lunges and I hit back to center. If I'm stretching and he's there it turns into the stretch and pet. I have a photo of this below. 

  Laundry and posts took up a good chunk of the day. I also did meal prep to help prepare for the week. Wednesday and Thursday are essentially becoming my weekends, so I defrosted some meats, cooked chicken patties and buffalo patties to make sure that I have things to take to work. I also defrosted some chicken sausages and downloaded the Inspiralized app to prepare a shopping list for later this week. I'm so excited to try it!

  Well, now off to finish folding laundry. I'm trying out coconut oil as my lotion to see if it helps with dry skin and my "chicken skin". If you don't know what that is, apparently it's a genetic condition that leaves raised little bumps on your arms, shoulders, etc. I read that coconut oil should help and since I've tried most other things, doesn't seem like it will hurt.