Day 8

  Somehow I forgot to have my coffee this morning. It didn't really hit me until my closing shift at the grocery store. I was getting extremely tired. The vitamin and amino acid packets from the program are a lifesaver. Pretty sure I need to order more of those tomorrow. They give the right amount of boost with no crash. 

  I have been trying out a ton of different foods from the grocery store. I am going to change up my complex carb in my meal plan after I finish the quinoa that I made. I am super stoked to be using my spiralizer tomorrow and I did my shopping today to be prepared. With changing my plan and giving myself more calories to have a more realistic weight loss plan, I still need to cut some things out. I tried buffalo burgers and while they are absolutely delicious, they have a ton of calories. I would rather eat more avocado if I can.

  I had to fidget around and remove some things from my original plan on the fly, but it worked. I was very active today. My workout needed my electrolytes to get replenished. Good thing there's a drink for that. I have attached part of a screenshot of my calories and exercise to see what today was like. Not all days are as great with calorie burn points as today, but I always keep trying to do what I can. Starting to run again next week will certainly help.

  The candy store is often filled with temptations. It's really a test of will and a test of how well the craving remover pill works. I'm pretty sure I say this everyday, but it's fantastic. Not craving sugar is amazing. Also, I'm going through PMS right now. (TMI for some I know, but there is a point). Normally I want to eat anything sweet that comes in front of my face. I have been known to eat pints of ice cream in the past or stuff my face with chocolate bars, marshmallow chicks, etc. I have had zero desire to do that this week. It's fabulous to be able to look at chocolate, know it tastes amazing and then not try and avoid it for the rest of the day.

  I am falling asleep as I write this, so hopefully this makes sense. Overall, today was a good day. Two days left of the cleanse phase of the challenge and then move forward. 1/3 of the way through and feeling great. My pants seem to be a little looser and I can start seeing tone definition more easily.