Day 10

  Well, today was the last day of the cleanse phase. Things are going great. I got on the scale this morning and I'm now 166.6lbs. Last week I was 168.4, so that's a loss of 1.8lbs! Awesome! I didn't expect so much after not always hitting a burn of 500 calories a day, but the effects of PMS are wearing off and bloating is going down, so I'm sure that has something to do with it too. 

  Tomorrow, well technically today, I start the next phase of the 24-Day challenge. I'm excited to see what this change brings. Apparently I get to change up my snacks a little bit. Less of a requirement to have a fruit and a healthy fat and can mix it up with a little protein if need be. We will see what I come up with. The number of pills has seemed to double, so let's hope I can remember everything. LOL

  Think I might start setting silent alarms on my tracker reminding me of timings so things don't get thrown off. Apparently the vitamins might be a little rough on my stomach if I don't eat 30 mins after. I'm going to attempt doing my challenges in the period between the pills and breakfast and see if I can manage. If not, I will reconfigure to make sure I don't feel gross. 

  My energy source is running low. I have ordered more and hope it gets here on time so I'm never without! I have now made it my mission to try and get two favorite flavors as staples in the program (they are currently seasonal flavors). I shall use social media to accomplish this battle! Wish me luck! ;)

  I don't have too many exciting photos to put with this post, but I really did love the outfit that I wore to the candy store today, so I'll put that one in. It's a completely me outfit and I rocked it because when you feel like you own it you do. Now that's a very tall order for me about 95% of the time, but when I'm feeling good it helps.

30-Day Challenges for today:

  1. 140 sec Plank (almost made it all the way through without collapsing)
  2. 120 sec Squats (35 total I think)
  3. 120 sec Lunges (33 total)
  4. 120 sec Wall Sit (Yup, had to shake legs out a ton doing this, it's super hard for me)
  5. 45 Lunges
  6. 40 Bridges
  7. 55 Squats
  8. 110 sec Calf Raises (50 total)
  9. 110 sec Lateral Lunges (13 total, one = both right & left done)
  10. 110 sec Squat Jumps (these killed me, but I think I did 25)

  I completed day 18 of challenges. Each day towards the 30 is a huge accomplishment for me at this point as it's the furthest I've ever gotten. I want to start adding running back in and I think once I complete these challenges. I may cut down the number from 4 different ones to 2 or 3 to make sure I have enough time to do everything on days I run, do challenges and then have to get to work. Bring on day 19 of challenges and day 11 of the challenge!



 I'm a huge Marvel & tokidoki fan. Had to rock this outfit!

I'm a huge Marvel & tokidoki fan. Had to rock this outfit!