Day 12

 I figured I would get this started now, instead of at 12:30am. I woke up late as it's my day off and I needed the rest. Today I made sure to have my breakfast 30 mins after my pills. No feeling sick. That was a relief! Hunter needed some persuasion on our walk this morning (see photo below). I did my challenges and went for a training run.

 I haven't done a training run in a while because I haven't had good shoes. My last shoes, I'm fairly certain, destroyed my feet. I have new ones and I hope they do better. I do run-walk training. It's easier to handle for me and actually gets me out. I don't listen to music. I tend to change what I want to listen to too quickly and then spend half my time figuring out what to listen to. I listen to audiobooks. It keeps me focused and since I'm trying to get my writing going, I will listen to Stephen King:

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.
— Stephen King, On Writing, p.145
Of the books I read each year, anywhere from six to a dozen are on tape...Where else can you read? There’s always the treadmill, or whatever you use at the local health club to get aerobic. I try to spend an hour doing that every day, and I think I’d go mad without without a good novel to keep me company.
— Stephen King, On Writing, p.148

  It was really heartening to read this from Stephen King. Audiobooks are how I do most of my reading. I try and do some reading at night on my Kindle, but I don't always get there. I should try and switch back to falling asleep to a book instead of a movie. I'm sure that would probably help me sleep better, so in fact I will switch that up tonight. I don't usually plug anything by name, but I am not sponsored by them and this is to help anyone try and read more via audiobook if you live in LA: Hoopla. It's a free app and it's free to download up to 15 audiobooks a month if you have an LA library card. I've used Audible, and I like it; but, when you're trying to save some money this is perfect. You can't find everything new and shiny on there, but they have plenty of options.

  That was kind of a tangent, but gives you some idea of how I do my runs. I also listen to audiobooks on my trips to and from work. Ok, side note done. I'm a little groggy after all this, so forgive me if I jump from place to place. I had a day off from two of my challenges, so here's what today was:

  1. 140 sec Plank & Reach
  2. 50 Lunges
  3. 40 Bridges
  4. 60 Squats
  5. 45 min training run-walk, total of 3 miles

  I felt so good after my run and challenges. It helps with my mood greatly. Getting used to all the pills and when to take them is an adjustment. I don't think my mood has anything to do with them. It's the end of that time of the month and since I spend 5 days a week getting less than 8 hours of sleep, it's probably not surprising that emotions overwhelm me on occasion.

  I do want to note that sometimes I do give in to my emotions. Sometimes you have to sit and cry and let it all out. The difference is, I no longer let it consume me. I give myself my cry or my rage or whatever it is that I need. Then I move forward. I feel alone way more than I would like. That's why I have my bears. I sleep with them. I'm not embarrassed by that. It helps me. Don't ever be ashamed to do what helps you even if others find it silly and don't understand. I know that's harder to do than say, but try. If going day by day is too hard. Go hour by hour or minute by minute. Whatever gets you through. You can do it. There's always a way.

  My run helped me get my steps in for today, but my burn wasn't super high. It happens. I'll take one of the two. Yesterday super high burn. Today not so much. Eh it's life. Been writing a lot, mostly for myself. Doing laundry at the moment and writing this. I meant to get some cooking done, but I'll take care of that tomorrow. Planning to go to bed earlier so that I can get my day started a little earlier tomorrow. Rest is great, but too much can throw me off my balance for a day. 

  Here are some fun photos from today: