Day 14

  I can't believe I'm 14 days into the 24 day challenge. It feels great to be accomplishing something and sticking to it. I really needed this right now. To accomplish something and stick to my guns, it feels great. I didn't get much sleep last night. I have been having a hard time falling asleep. Some of the pills have caffeine and so today I tried not having those pills at dinner and lunch instead. So far so good. I worked late so writing this now isn't surprising.

  Since I didn't sleep that well, I choose to "sleep in". I decided to save my challenges for in between my jobs since I worked in the morning for the candy store and in the evening for the grocery store. I got home from the candy store and wanted to collapse. But, I didn't. I changed and did my challenges. I felt so much better and more energized for doing them. 

  I am super impressed with myself. I made it through all this & still went to work my second job:

  1. 200 sec Plank (I shifted from elbows to hands to sides, but plank all the way through) 
  2. 150 sec Push Ups (sets of 10 at a time)
  3. 150 sec Tricep Dips (sets of 10)
  4. 65 Squats
  5. 45 Bridges
  6. 50 Lunges
  7. 125 sec Curtsey Lunges
  8. 125 sec Sumo Squats
  9. 125 sec Box Jumps

  It was a huge feeling of accomplishment. I can't believe that I've made it through this far. I wanted to not do them today, but then I pushed through realizing in 8 days I will have completed my 30-day challenges. I have yet to actually finish any, so this is huge. 

  I think my eating is going well. I'm feeling good. Sticking to the track. Getting adjusted to the new set of pills and timings. Eating every two hours, as I keep saying, makes things so much better. I am feeling like my love handles are slimming down, which is good. I'm excited to see what the difference in the before and after photos will be. Wish I had taken measurements around my love handles. Oh well.

  Ate my "spaghetti" carbonara for lunch. Doesn't look pretty. No food ever looks as pretty as its glamour shots. I did get to train making chocolate bars again, which was awesome! I managed not to eat any chocolate again too! Ok, I'm fading. Time to crash.