Day 16

  Well, last night was another late night. I was chatting with a friend until late. Nothing bad, in fact my turn out to be something great. Only time will tell. So, once again, I was wiped out when I woke up. Luckily, I only had one job today, so I took it upon myself to relax.

  It took me a few hours to get going and to do my challenges.  I did end up doing them and that's all that really matters.


  1. 200 sec Plank & Reach
  2. 150 sec Plank
  3. 150 sec Crunches
  4. 159 sec Russian Twists
  5. 70 Squats
  6. 50 Bridges
  7. 55 Lunges
  8. 140 sec Box Jumps
  9. 140 sec Sumo Squats
  10. 140 sec Curtsey Lunges

  Tomorrow marks 25 days of 30 day challenges. I think one of the ones I'm going to pick for the next set is going to be an upper body one. My arms aren't as strong as I would like. My shoulders really hurt during the plank exercises after a while.

  I ate well and even though it wasn't a good burn day, I am proud of what I accomplished. I hit my step goal at work and my burn goal. I can't believe 8 days left of the challenge. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Hoping to be down a little bit more. Let's see how it goes.