Day 17

  I took some natural sleeping pills last night. It helped so much. I woke up refreshed and felt fantastic. I got moving pretty quickly and did my challenges. It was day 25 of the challenges and I had two of the four on rest days. I am very proud of myself for the 4 minute plank I did. 

Today's Challenges:

  1. 240 sec Plank aka 4 mins 
  2. 60 Lunge
  3. 50 Bridges
  4. 70 Squats

  I can't do a full four minute plank on my elbows. It hurts my shoulders after a minute or two. I did 1 minute elbows, one minute on all fours, and one minute on each side. It's still the duration of the plank, but making sure that I am not in significant pain. I definitely need to work on upper body strength. 

  I did a timed two mile run afterwards. By timed, I mean that I did my warm-up and set what pace I wanted to run at. I did a 30sec/30sec run/walk pace. I'm pretty happy that I ended with a 12:43 & 12:44 min miles. This was the first timed one I've done in quite some time. I think the challenges and the challenge are helping me with my running.

   The rest of my day was spent with friends. I'll be house sitting and dog sitting for one and baby sitting for another. Then I went to the movies with yet another friend. I am so grateful to have such good friends in my life. They are truly wonderful.