Day 21

  Well today has been quite the adventure. It didn't really go to plan at all. Sometimes days don't. I went to work at 6am. I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked. Adjusting to staying in my friend's place. It's not their fault. Their bed is super comfy. I'm just letting my stress from my personal life get too involved. 

  Your body has its own way of telling you when to slow down. You need to listen. My body will make me physically sick on occasion to slow me down. That's what happened today. I'm not actually sick sick, but I'm emotionally drained and with working a lot and not sleeping well recently, my body made me sick so that I would slow down.

  I got to work and wasn't feeling well. I made it through about two hours and the feeling sick to my stomach just wouldn't go away. I absolutely hate having to go home from work. The minute I told my boss, I was sick, so it's probably good that I did. I came back and have been napping and eating crackers all day. I'm feeling better and am going to crash out shortly.

  What I really need is a nice neck and shoulder massage, a nice bath and if possible someone to cuddle with. The third one will be the kicker, so I'll just settle for one of my stuffed animals. That's why I have them after all and I have miss Rosie too. I haven't worked out in three days now and this kinda sucks. I like the energy that it gives me and that it makes me feel better. I do know that when my body is telling me to slow down I should listen. Well, I listened and I hope that I feel better for my shift tomorrow.