Day 22

  Well, there's nothing terribly exciting to report about today. I slept for about 9 hours last night. Got up, was feeling better and headed over to work from 10am-6pm. I worked at the Demo Station and tried a little. There was a nice banquet put together in the break room and I had a piece of cheese and some meat to see if my stomach might be able to handle going back to my routine and the answer was a resounding no. (To clarify, I wasn't actually sick, but stomach wasn't happy.)

  My stomach is still not 100%, but fairly sure that's because stress levels haven't normalized and probably need more than one day on soup and crackers. I don't think soup and crackers will undo all my hard work, but if I don't listen to my body then it's just going to get worse. 

  So, with nothing special to report other than I had more soup and crackers and more relaxing and a full day of work, I'm off to bed for a new day of work tomorrow.