Day 1 & 2... yup, that's right, again

  The start of a new year and the start of a new 24-day Jumpstart. Yes it totally coincides with New Year's Resolution, but this isn't a resolution per say. It's a lifestyle. It's a choice. I knew the holidays were going to be challenging and that I would want to eat many yummy things. Working at a grocery store with yummy seasonal things doesn't help either. 

  As I've mentioned before things tend to be a snowball effect with me. If I get upset with myself then it tends to get worse. I tend to eat more and then gain more weight. I find that by just accepting that, for example, the holidays are going to have amazing food and knowing what those consequences are I do better. Then when I get back around to doing a challenge, I'm much more focused and ready to get back to work.

  Day 1 & 2 have gone well so far. Today was more difficult than yesterday. For product knowledge we often try out different things. For today it was a new dessert wine with chocolate cake. Couldn't help myself. I don't know that much about the wines so always helpful when I've tried something. 

  I honestly think that set off cravings and made the day more challenging to get through. I did make it through just fine and that was the only slip up. I also did grocery shopping to make food on my days off and prepare for the rest of the week. 

  I've included photos of my meal prep I did earlier this week, an example of a snack and my before photos. My awesome coach came up with the idea that the challenge should be called "Fit Back Into Your Jeans Challenge". I think it's great. We pick an item of clothing that we want to fit back into and that's our goal. I love my Spider-Man dress. I have yet to actually wear it out, but I want to feel more comfortable in it. 

  Can't wait to see the results and hopefully, finally wear my Spider-Man dress out somewhere. Bring on Day 3.