Day 21

  Well today has been quite the adventure. It didn't really go to plan at all. Sometimes days don't. I went to work at 6am. I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked. Adjusting to staying in my friend's place. It's not their fault. Their bed is super comfy. I'm just letting my stress from my personal life get too involved. 

  Your body has its own way of telling you when to slow down. You need to listen. My body will make me physically sick on occasion to slow me down. That's what happened today. I'm not actually sick sick, but I'm emotionally drained and with working a lot and not sleeping well recently, my body made me sick so that I would slow down.

  I got to work and wasn't feeling well. I made it through about two hours and the feeling sick to my stomach just wouldn't go away. I absolutely hate having to go home from work. The minute I told my boss, I was sick, so it's probably good that I did. I came back and have been napping and eating crackers all day. I'm feeling better and am going to crash out shortly.

  What I really need is a nice neck and shoulder massage, a nice bath and if possible someone to cuddle with. The third one will be the kicker, so I'll just settle for one of my stuffed animals. That's why I have them after all and I have miss Rosie too. I haven't worked out in three days now and this kinda sucks. I like the energy that it gives me and that it makes me feel better. I do know that when my body is telling me to slow down I should listen. Well, I listened and I hope that I feel better for my shift tomorrow.

Day 20

  Well, I had plenty of rest last night. Somehow that leads to being absolutely groggy today. Not sure how that's fair exactly. Why do kids wake up refreshed with tons of energy, but as an adult you are wiped out the next day and your body still needs a day to recover?

  Right now, I am relaxing and watching Zootopia for the goodness knows what time. I am dog sitting and house sitting for a friend while they have a nice trip. I appreciate so much that my friends trust me enough and think highly enough of me to take care of their children and their pets. 

  Apparently it was remiss of me yesterday not to mention the fact that I spent most of my day playing with Play-Doh and making a nose for Olaf. Today it took me an hour or two at work to become alert, even with my energy powder and coffee to get me going. Hopefully that is not the case tomorrow.

  I didn't quite get to my dinner on time and that made me not feel so great on the way home. I'm doing just fine though and will make sure to meal prep tonight; since, I have an early morning and long day tomorrow. I am 100% NOT complaining about a full work day. I enjoy both my jobs. I love the grocery store and the candy store has been in my life for 4.5 years. Not sure what I would do without it. 

  I am taking this week off from the candy store because of the dog sitting. Don't want the pup alone for longer than she needs to be. I was going to try and do my challenges today when I got back, but my stomach was feeling rough. I ate dinner and that helped a bit, but now it's just relaxing and still feeling a little rough. I've been told by my mentor and a friend to listen to my body. Ok. Ok. Message received. 

  Well, I think I might actually go cook my burger for tomorrow and put together what I need and get to bed. Certainly an early night, but probably for the best. I can't believe it's Day 20. Crazy. I'm feeling so much better. I'm going to keep up the good work after. I love that it seems my love handles have disappeared. 

Day 19

  Well today was a long day, but a fun day. I only had about 5 hours of sleep and then went to go babysit my friend's daughter who is 2 and a half. Going to babysit a toddler on little sleep isn't exactly the easiest thing to do in the world. I did my meal prep yesterday before work and after work as well. All I needed to do was put the food in my bag. This helped me so much.

  My friend's little girl was a treat. She was so easy; but, believe me, I was 100% ready for nap time. I got her to pass out and then I was able to crash while she was asleep. Never underestimate a nap. My friend is a fantastic mom and I admire her greatly for being a single mom of two. She's amazing. I could never do it. More power to her. If she's reading this, girl I admire you so much and think you are incredible. Your kids are wonderful and you should be very proud.

  I didn't do my challenges today. I'm so exhausted. I'm going to crash early tonight to get ready for tomorrow. Some days you do need to take a day off. Part of me is itching to do them and I know exhaustion can be worked through, but somedays you need to slow down. That's pretty much all I have to report for today. Did well eating. Played with a cute kid. Established I'm quite certain children are not in my future (other than babysitting). Now it's time to crash.

Day 18

  Some days you have to get up and go even when you think you can't. Prove to yourself that you can. Don't let anything get you down. It's not easy. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to yell, yell. Purge yourself of the emotions, pick yourself up and move forward. 

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
— Walt Disney

  My workout was a long and tough one, but I managed to do it. I can't even tell you how much I hate some of these exercises. 


  1. 240 sec Plank Jacks
  2. 180 sec Jumping Jacks
  3. 180 sec High Knees
  4. 180 sec Burpees
  5. 70 Squats
  6. 55 Bridges
  7. 60 Lunges
  8. 140 sec Squat Jumps
  9. 140 sec Lateral Lunges
  10. 140 sec Calf Raises

  As always, most everything is done in sets of 10. I drink water when I need it and refill the bottle when needed. Not drinking enough water won't help your muscles recover. I took a progress photo today. Not sure I'm quite ready to share it, but I will be doing before and after photos. I did some meal prep today and went to work. 

  I want to end the post with some great quotes that help:


Day 17

  I took some natural sleeping pills last night. It helped so much. I woke up refreshed and felt fantastic. I got moving pretty quickly and did my challenges. It was day 25 of the challenges and I had two of the four on rest days. I am very proud of myself for the 4 minute plank I did. 

Today's Challenges:

  1. 240 sec Plank aka 4 mins 
  2. 60 Lunge
  3. 50 Bridges
  4. 70 Squats

  I can't do a full four minute plank on my elbows. It hurts my shoulders after a minute or two. I did 1 minute elbows, one minute on all fours, and one minute on each side. It's still the duration of the plank, but making sure that I am not in significant pain. I definitely need to work on upper body strength. 

  I did a timed two mile run afterwards. By timed, I mean that I did my warm-up and set what pace I wanted to run at. I did a 30sec/30sec run/walk pace. I'm pretty happy that I ended with a 12:43 & 12:44 min miles. This was the first timed one I've done in quite some time. I think the challenges and the challenge are helping me with my running.

   The rest of my day was spent with friends. I'll be house sitting and dog sitting for one and baby sitting for another. Then I went to the movies with yet another friend. I am so grateful to have such good friends in my life. They are truly wonderful.