Day 81: Weekend Prep

  So, this is another crazy weekend coming up. Tomorrow I have an earlier shift at work. Trying to decide if I want to get in a little bit earlier. Let's see when I exactly I get to bed. Tried to convince my boyfriend that he doesn't need to get up with me since it's early, but I always lose those battles. Still going to offer. 

  Tomorrow will be a long day, but it will be an awesome day. After work, I head to grab my sister and take her to Build-A-Bear to build some sharks to take to Jaws at the Hollywood Bowl! Should be an excellent day. Saturday morning I jump on the train to San Diego to go to Comic Con. I'm thrilled. I've already packed my bag since tomorrow will be late night and then early morning. Now I just need to finish adding my snacks and then go from there.

  Today, I was starving all morning. Or it sure felt like it. Breakfast is usually around 8am. Usually I have a snack around noon since I work out around 1pm and I like having a bit of fuel before. Today 10:30am hit and I was starving. I had my macadamia nuts. At noon, I had my tuna. Lunch time was 1:15pm. By 2pm, I was done eating. Best part was, I wasn't hungry after. Apparently I can adjust my eating window to go from 8am - 2pm. 

  I'm sure that window won't go well this weekend or even tomorrow, but it's good to know that I can. I think that it just takes me and perhaps my body a bit longer to realize that things can change. Now it's time to try and get some sleep. 

  Keep calm and keto on.


Day 80: Wiped Out

  Today I was super groggy and tired for a good chunk of the day. I have the feeling that this has something to do with jet lag. I wasn't gone long, so that seems like it shouldn't be an option, but not sure I can think of much else. Although, I'm having a hard time getting sleepy. I don't drink caffeine after about 10am at the latest, so that shouldn't be it.

  Today I took a break from challenge camp because I was so wiped. I'm sure doing some exercise may have helped, but I simply didn't feel like it. I'm trying to give myself more rest. The stuffed peppers we made last night are delicious! Paired with half an avocado for more fat. Yummy!

  I had ordered pork rinds as a snack. Both for myself and for this coming weekend. They came in today! Epic makes the best pork rinds we've had so far. We have another bag to try as well, from a different company. I look forward to trying them. We are trying new flavors Maple Bacon and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

  After work, I stopped by Trader Joe's to get some more snacks as well. Kale chips, broccoli crisps, cheese crips and some jerky. I think they will all do well this weekend. The kitchen is clean and now it's just time to get some rest.

  Keep calm and keto on.



Day 79: Exercise & Quick Look Back

  Sometimes, I forget how far I've come since I've started. Normally, it's just comparing the week to week and forgetting to look at the bigger picture. Since I've started, I have lost 11.5lbs. I never feel like it's overshadowed by how much my boyfriend has lost. This is our journey together and it's not about who can lose more than the other.

  Since we started using the scale that tracks body fat percentage, I've lost 1.7 % body fat. Strangely, my water weight has gone up 1.2%, but that's ok. My skeletal muscle has increased by 1%. There's quite a lot to be happy about there. I ignore the BMI calculation because I don't think it tells me anything. 

  Today was a pretty good day. I made it to about 4:15pm when I finished eating. My goal is to try and end eating at 4pm. Now, with going away to work a convention this weekend, that's going to be tough, but I will do my best. I've been stocking up on keto snacks to take with. A rather big shipment of pork rinds is on its way.

  We needed to do some grocery shopping today, and we felt like more exercise. (Even though I had been for a hike for challenge camp). So, we grabbed our granny cart (don't know proper term) and walked to Target near us. It's just under a mile walk, so we did almost 2 miles round trip. Good exercise.

  After that, came home and got to cooking since we need lunches for the next few days. We did Mexican stuffed peppers. Inside is ground turkey, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.  Seasoned with taco seasoning and garlic. Then we put cheddar cheese on top! Looks delicious! Now it's time to shower and get ready for bed.

Day 78: Back To It

  Today was back to the grind with keto. It was weigh in time. I was a bit nervous, but considering I ate a great deal of cheese and it's now shark week, I was expecting a gain. I did gain, but not as much as I was expecting. I went up 0.2lbs. I can live with that. None of my other percentages really changed, so that's great.

  Back to having delicious breakfast with boyfriend and taking bulletproof coffee to work. It was back to challenge camp today. Our fearless leader keeps finding new ways to torment us. It was chest day today with resistance bands and medicine balls. I survived. 

  Lunch was a top sirloin burger with smoked salmon and cream cheese. To clarify, the burger was eaten first and I combined the other two. My snacks were peanut butter with chia and flax seeds and some salami. I need to get back to staying more hydrated, but when you're on the phone consistently it does make it difficult.

  My bug bites are driving me bonkers. Luckily, there was some anti-itch cream in the first aid kit at work. I 100% went to look and see and was very happy with what I found. Hopefully they calm down soon.

  My goal of trying to stop eating by 4pm didn't work today either. Peanut butter as a snack makes it slightly more challenging as it's not an easy snack between calls. Have to make sure that things aren't back to back or you can't talk to well. 

  Tonight we finally went to see Incredibles 2. It was amazing! We both loved it. Our impromptu date nights have been fabulous so far! Not that I really expected them to be any other way. Now it's time to try and get some sleep.


Day 75 - 77: Grandfather's Memorial Service Trip

  Friday morning, I was up early to head to Virginia for my grandfather's memorial. We were up at 5:30am to get ready to go to the airport. I had packed the night before to get ready to make sure we could leave on time. My boyfriend made me bulletproof coffee, but I didn't have breakfast. I had packed pork rinds and some Epic snack bars.

  I had one bar on the way. My Darth Bear accompanied me on the journey. I snagged some photos of the offerings from the airlines. It's pretty sad what their offerings are. There really aren't any healthy offerings. I took pics from both the different airlines. 

  After getting off the plane, we headed straight to family event number one. This was at the house that my parents had gotten for our family. There were plenty of keto friendly options that didn't make me feel so out of place and it seems that increasingly my family is steering toward lower carb. 

  There were some great cheese and meat plates. The main fare was organic, free-range beef and chicken from my cousin's farm! So delicious! So, while I do generally base my meals of macros, this weekend I decided to try and just eat to satiety. I know that they say that it can take anywhere from up to 6 months - 1 year to accurately understand your satiety signal, but it was family and so long as I was being keto I didn't want to feel left out.

  In fact, for the first time since I started this journey, I had a drink. The first night I had a glass of bourbon and the second I had a glass of whiskey. Now, I don't mean a full glass and I only had one. The amazing thing was that I only wanted one. I was able to sip it over the course of both evenings and feel satisfied and didn't crave another.

  Now, I wasn't a big drinker to begin with; however, when in social situations there usually is a lot of temptation, but I did what felt right to me.

  The next day was the memorial service. I had meat and cheese for breakfast with some plain coffee. There were small bites at the service, but most were not keto friendly. I did snack on some cheese. This weekend was packed with cheese. I know it's not the most highly recommended thing, but for one weekend, whatever. 

  I did get to spend a good chunk of the weekend hearing about how great I look. I feel like keto has made a huge impression even if I haven't lost the 33lbs or so that my boyfriend has. (And no, I'm not complaining.) I've found the easiest way to explain it is how the 2 Keto Dudes "dull it down". I just say I'm staying away from sugar, carbs and starches. Most people understand that.

  I was happy to answer questions, but I always made sure to say that it was an individual choice, but I would answer any questions. I have a relative who tried Atkins and it made them sick the entire time. Keto isn't the answer for them, but they've done what works for them and I think that's fantastic. I think we need to encourage each other to try things and find what works best for each individual. As so many people say, it's not a one size fits all and we shouldn't treat it that way.

  My parents are doing Atkins themselves, and so there was a no calorie green tea in the fridge. I checked out the nutrition information and there were very few carbs and I don't remember sugar. This was especially interesting considering honey was one of the ingredients. I gave it a test and only had one. It was so sweet! I enjoyed it and didn't feel any bad effects.

  The night of the memorial we went over to another aunt's house to have dinner and hang out. Apparently not only did I feast on delicious items, but I was feasted on by the mosquitos. Was really hoping that not eating so much sugar, wouldn't make me taste as good to them! 

  There were so many keto choices and I was able to read ingredients on some others. I tried things that I was confident were keto and I didn't feel any of the aftereffects from non-keto foods. This morning's breakfast was more meat and coffee. I had another Epic bar or two on my journey home. On my layover, I went with my older brother and sister-in-law to have a sit down lumch and had a delicious salad. 

  So, I mentioned them in a post a while ago. It turns out that situation I may have totally misread. Considering that I am not the best a reading situations, I am willing to give my family the benefit of the doubt and retry. I do not feel that it's necessary to disclose everything, but suffice it to say, I feel there's sufficient evidence that I may have been the one misunderstanding and I'm willing to admit my faults. 

My boyfriend picked me up tonight and we grabbed a Chipotle after grabbing some necessary breakfast material.  Now it's just relaxing and getting ready for the week. It was so wonderful to get to spend so much time with my family. I love them all dearly.

Day 74: Trip Prep

  Today, I remembered my lunch. Woo! I wasn't hungry when I woke up, but I did have breakfast. I wanted to be fueled for the day. (Yes, I know that's not a necessity, but I'm not quite ready to test that yet). My new Tervis 24oz coffee mug came yesterday and I felt much more caffeinated after that size bulletproof coffee. Quick note, my bulletproof coffee ingredients are based on 14oz of coffee. I didn't change them with increase to a larger mug.

  Work was busy, busy. I quite enjoy the pick up. Keeps you going until you're done. The day flies by. Today for Challenge Camp was running stairs. Oh joy. One other person joined me. We did a much slower pace than the last time, but we completed the whole thing and my heart rate increased even with the slower pace.

  After work, I decided to pamper myself a little and went to get my nails done. Manicure & pedicure. It was nice. Picked some pretty pink colors. Once I was done with that, raced to the library to pick up a book on hold to take with me on my flights. Came home and packed.

  I head to Virginia tomorrow for my grandfather's memorial service. I'm dreading parts as a huge family gathering can cause problems; but, for the most part, I am very excited to see my family that I don't get to see very often. I'm taking a carry on and a back pack. Vader Bear is coming with me to have my back.

  Yes, at 34, I still go everywhere with a teddy bear or stuffed animal of some kind. I have quite a few, but my collection has drastically decreased over the years. I try to always donate them to children in need so that they get good new homes where they will be loved as much as I ever loved them.

  I have my backpack filled with keto snacks. Ok, maybe not filled, but I have a bag of pork rinds and some Epic meat snacks. Not sure what I'll have on the way back, but I'll try and make it work. Maybe if we stop by a grocery store I can get another bag of pork rinds. I feel like Virginia will be a good place to find those.

  From the library as a hard copy book I have The Case Against Sugar and The Obesity Code to read. Additionally, I have a few I checked out from the library via my kindle and a Court of the Dead comic. I added The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as well. May seem like a lot of books, but I read extremely quickly and would rather have too much to read than too little.

  Now it's to try and get some rest before getting up super early to head to the airport. My wonderful boyfriend will be driving me.


Day 73: Forgotten Lunch & Keto Calculators

  So, after doing all that awesome prep work last night, I totally forgot my lunch at home this morning! That's the first time I've done that. I was left with two choices. I could go buy lunch or I could do Challenge Camp during lunch and use what's provided to us in my office to satisfy my hunger. 

  I chose to do Challenge Camp. About 30 mins before camp, I had a 10 min break and went into our break room. There was a half an avocado there calling my name! (Our break room has fresh fruits, sparkling water, almond milk & a freezer full of item to make smoothies & much more!) I ate the avocado, did challenge camp 30 mins later and then made a smoothie after.

  My smoothie consisted of unsweetened almond milk, 2 tablespoons of almond butter, 2 teaspoons chia seeds, 1 tablespoon MCT oil, 4 frozen strawberries and maybe a 1/4 cup of blueberries. I was going to attempt not to eat for the rest of the day after this, so I wasn't too concerned about what the balance was. MCT oil and almond butter helped with fat and protein. I didn't go crazy with the berries, especially since I hadn't eaten any since we started.

  The smoothie was delicious and filling. I'm sure you are wondering why no protein powder? Well, simply the one available to me was made from brown rice protein. I may consider finding an alternate one and bringing it if smoothies are going to become a thing. I don't really plan on making them one, but maybe something to look at anyways.

  I've done pretty well today with all this. I surprised even myself. I didn't feel lightheaded or starving or any of the things I thought I might feel. I did add salt to my smoothie and to on of my sparkling waters to help with that balance. 

  At least my lunch is prepped for tomorrow, right?!

  As I've mentioned numerous times, I'm catching up with the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast. I am currently in February of 2018. I've noticed that the dudes in the last few episodes have been what some may call disparaging of keto calculators.

  Now, while I do understand some of their points, I think they're missing out on the value that this provides as a tool. I use a keto calculator to calculate our macros. I am an extremely linear and logical person and I function best in situations where I have clear guidelines. Yup, that's why keto could be a challenge for me since of a lot of it is about learning to recognize signals from your body.

  Forget who the dudes quoted as saying this, but it can take 6 months to a year to be able to consistently recognize your satiety signal. Insulin blocks that signal from functioning properly. (Please don't quote me on any of this as most of this is based off memory, but I do plan on reading all the recommended books from the podcast and many others).

  I use the macros calculated from the keto calculator as a base line. It helps me structure my food and make sure that I'm getting what I feel is enough. I don't particularly look at the calories as a guide, but they are there just in case. While my hunger has greatly decreased, I am still hungry far more often than my boyfriend and usually mostly in the beginning of the day to the early afternoon.

  I have zero issue adjusting to an eating window. At this point, I know that it is entirely possible. I currently have on reserve Jason Fung's Obesity Code book at the library, both digitally and hard copy. Waiting for it to come in so I can dive in deep and learn so much more about all this! 

  My boyfriend uses the macros that I calculate for him as a base. He is often not hungry and will occasionally bring home food. His satiety signal seems to be working much better than mine. I think that so long as the calculated macros are not a crutch, that it's a useful tool until your satiety signal is functioning properly.

  I am 100% sure I will continue to use one. Whether I adjust them every week or two weeks, I don't know. What I do know is that as I become adjusted to this keto kind of life, the signals I get I listen to. Pepperoni making me drool? Probably need some. Mozzarella cheese looking irresistible? Go ahead and have some! Do I worry about it messing up the macros? No! 

  My body is starting to crave the things it needs to feel satiated. I'm doing my best to listen. The calculator is merely a tool to help me achieve balance. I do not use it as an absolute. I use it as a guide or a suggestion like they do with the Pirate's Code (for anyone who has seen Curse of the Black Pearl.)

  Keep calm and keto on folks! Use a calculator or don't. Do what feels best and right to you. My experiences are what work best for me and may not work for you. Experiment. Fail. Experiment again. You'll get there!


Day 72: Weekend Prep

  This weekend I head to Virginia for my grandfather's memorial service. I'm happy to be able to see family, but at the same time I really have no idea what's going to happen with food. I grabbed snacks for the plane. Sure, I know snacks aren't required, but for the flights I wanted something. They only offer to have you buy food and I would prefer not to eat airline food.

  I grabbed some pork rinds and meat snacks. We are planning on making some zucchini parmesan chips and some cheese crisps as well. I'm curious to see what food will be offered. I will stay keto. The few times I've had items I didn't know weren't keto, I did not feel good. I don't want to spend the weekend feeling that way.

  Work ran a little late because there was a lot to do! I was trying to stop eating around 4pm today, but that didn't happen with how busy work was today. I'm going to try again for tomorrow! Challenge camp was definitely challenging. Medicine balls and resistance bands for leg day!

  After work, I headed over to the library by our house. I wanted to get a new library card. I was able to get a new one! Turns out there's an app where you can download e-books from the library and read via your Kindle. You bet I'm signed up for that! I'm on the Wait List for several books, but I managed to download 3 to my device.

  After that, came home and grabbed my boyfriend. Headed to go find me some shoes for this weekend. Then it was to Sprouts and Ralphs to grab snacks and some food essentials. I'm super excited to try the coffee we picked out! It sounds delicious! We needed more macadamia nuts and I've gotten him hooked on eating salsa on our egg whites. 

  I almost forgot! I weighed in today! I lost 3.6lbs today! It's the second highest weight loss I've had this whole time. I was pretty surprised. I went down 0.9% body fat. My inches didn't really change. All in all a good last week.

   Now it's to try and get some sleep for tomorrow. I just don't seem to be getting tired at night.

  This keto kind of life suits me.

Day 71: Ready, Set, Prep!

  This morning I left my mom's and headed to work. I had breakfast there and had calculated out my macros for lunch pretty closely. I'm trying to cut down on dairy because it seems to make me bloat a bit. I'm not removing entirely, but if I can get my protein from food instead of a shake, I think that's a good place to start.

  Today went quickly at work, which is always a surprise, but I do enjoy being busy. I had plenty of time to have my food throughout the day. Sure, I know I don't have to eat snacks or a bunch of small meals, but to be honest, so far, fueling that way works well for me and keeps my energy consistent. If I'm going to switch over to a different way of eating, such as intermittent fasting, perhaps, I want to do some more research and perhaps make the switch on a weekend when me being at peak performance isn't necessary.

  Challenge camp was tough today. We now have medicine balls to use. It was back and shoulders day. It was definitely challenging. I'm glad to get back to it. We are talking about maybe designing a mini home gym as we have a fair bit of space in our living room. Nothing too big or crazy, but maybe some resistance bands, medicine balls, etc. Who knows?! It's all in the baby step thought processes.

  We don't really eat dinner. I often have something before I leave for work around 5pm. Latest 6pm. So I currently go from 5 or 6pm until 7:30am without eating. I'm not hungry. I'm not usually starving when I wake up. If I can bring down that window slowly, I may try. Maybe tomorrow I'll do my cut off at 4pm and see how that goes.

  As the weeks go on, I find myself less and less hungry. He noticed it right away, but for me it took several weeks. I'm still quite certain that's because I typically ate more sugar than he did so I believe that I had much higher glucose and insulin to begin with so it took me longer to use up those stores. It's just a theory.

  Tonight we decided to start work on not feeling so rushed in the morning. Now, if we need to, we can move in the morning, but we enjoy the time spent together. So tonight, we prepped our lunches for today. In fact, they're sitting in our fridge in our lunchboxes ready to go! He cooked the patties and I portioned the salmon. Then we bounced off each other to come up with the rest of what we would need for our macros. 

  We have spinach in the fridge we need to eat up, so we cooked that and added it as part of our meal. We typically cook our veggies in ghee or butter. Yummy! My boyfriend had a fantastic idea that we are going to implement next week. I leave Friday to go out of town for the weekend and so it may be easier to plan for the following week.

  His idea is to pick what we want as our main meal. This is typically lunch. We pretty much have the same breakfast everyday, but who knows, with this we may switch it up! Pick the meal and then plan everything else around it, instead of what we do now. We haven't been that thorough in planning meals, but we sort of pick and choose and play a game of Tetris trying to get it all together. I think this will make it much, much easier.

  I am feeling so much more relaxed now that our lunches are done. My challenge camp gear is by the door. I'm not going to be rushing to get it all together. My clothes are all laid out. I'm ready! Now, I just need to run the few errands that I need to before Friday and I'll be all set. I need to make a trip to get keto items for the trip. (That will certainly be a challenge). I also need to get a pair of flats for my outfit. Boring. Everything will get done in the next few days.

I really enjoy this keto kind of life.


Day 70: Final Move Done

   I didn't sleep much last night. Housesitting sometimes it takes a lot to sleep. The house makes a lot of noise and I am fairly jumpy (understatement). This doesn't quite lead to a restful sleep. I did wake up and start getting laundry done, which is always a good thing.

  I had my bacon and eggs for breakfast with bulletproof English Breakfast tea. Minus the coconut oil, as there isn't any here. It fueled me pretty well for the day. The first order of business after laundry was getting the last trip of things from my old apartment. Some things were taken to my mom's storage unit and others to her house.

  From the storage unit, we picked up my desk and file cabinet. I had picked up all of our current give away stuff and dropped it off here before getting everything loaded into the car. It was only one trip with the both of our cars to the storage unit and then to the house. These next few weekends are going to be packed for me, so I'm going to try to do some unpacking in the evening to get it sorted out.

  Lunch was creamy shrimp scampi leftovers. This was followed by more laundry and playing some games. I also made sure that the bird feeders were full. I was texting a friend and we ended up catching up over dinner at a Mediterranean place at the mall nearby. Such good food! I remembered to ask for no rice, but forgot to ask for no pita! No worries, I just didn't eat it. I don't like wasting food, but I'm also not going to eat something I don't want.

  Now it's time for bed. So much laundry done. My mom is letting us borrow/have her rolling shopping cart. Not sure that's the right term, but we only live about half a mile from Costco and Ralphs and such. We would rather try to walk and get exercise that way than to drive and park. Sometimes we will have to depending on what we need, but we have insulated bags so we should be good!

  Almost forgot to mention that after dinner my friend and I walked around Eataly. I’m definitely going to need to bring my boyfriend here for keto supplies! 

  Keep calm and keto on! I really do love this keto kind of life.



Day 69: Instant Pot Test

  Today has been a rather lazy day. We had a dentist appointment at 8am this morning. We thought his appointment was going to be the long one, but turns out it was mine. Several of the issues I had complained about to my previous dentist turned out to be things that really needed to be fixed. 

  Again, any place that I recommend or mention, I am not sponsored by or paid by in anyway. Dental Plus Tarzana is highly recommended by me to anyone out in that area. I now have a game plan to fix the issues that have been plaguing me. FYI, one of my non-scale victories is that my jaw pain has gone away since I started Keto, but the reason behind it still needs to be fixed.

  We got home from the dentist and promptly crashed for a 5 hour nap. It was clearly something we needed. Once we got up, we were pretty hungry. We did have breakfast before the dentist, but weren't really hungry until after our nap. 

  We had gotten all the ingredients for the Creamy Shrimp Scampi recipe to use in our Instant Pot. It was super easy and took very little time to make. We decided to use a spaghetti squash as the base for our creamy shrimp scampi. 

  It was so delicious! And we have leftovers! I'm definitely looking forward to it and we will get a lot of use out of it.  Tonight isn't all that exciting. Going to go housesit. Need to beat the heat somehow. 

  I love this keto kind of life.

Day 68: Support Each Other

  Today is a tough day for my boyfriend. It's not my piece to tell, but seeing him so sad and knowing that there's not much I can do is very difficult for me. I want to make it better, as I'm sure we all do with our partners. 

  We had our delicious breakfast this morning. We've been adding salsa to our eggs in the morning. So delicious. Yes, I checked the carb and sugar content before we purchased. 2g carb and 1g sugar (guessing from the tomatoes) per 2 tablespoons. That serving is perfect for breakfast. 

  Today was rather uneventful. I did use my lunch break for a surprise for my boyfriend in hopes that it might brighten his day a little. I went to the comic book shop near work to pick up the Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle wedding comics. They happened to have every one. Arsenal Comics is fantastic and I'm sure they will get much more business going forward.

  I want to speak highly of their employees briefly. They were all so nice and helpful. I came in told them what I was looking for and they got everything for me. I asked questions about other items and they helped me with that. I felt like I was asking a stupid question and they didn't make me feel that way! Thanks guys! 

  I also had another surprise. My boyfriend is a huge Lobo fan. I purchased the Sideshow Sixth Scale piece for him. It was going to be a Halloween gift as that is his favorite holiday, but today seemed like a better idea. I didn't know if it would work or not, but I wanted to try.

  After work, I made a quick errand and then came home. I gave my boyfriend his gifts not knowing how he was going to receive them. It went so much better than expected. We have to stick together and support each other, even if we're not sure how that will go. Be thoughtful. Be present and do your best. 

  Keep calm and keto on folks and treat each other kindly.


Day 67: Walkabout

  We're still getting used to our routine in the morning. We are determining when we need to get up and when we need to leave the house. I think it will take some more adjustment. We can be fast moving people in the morning, but we aren't always. I'm confident we will figure it out.

  Tonight I'm feeling super bloated. Shark week isn't supposed to happen for another two weeks. I was doing some reading on the keto forums and looks like dairy might be the issue. Considering the amount of cheese that was on the pizza that we ate last night and then leftovers for lunch today, that's entirely possible.

  I did have some cheese as part of a snack. I'll try cutting down and see how that goes. It's nowhere near as horribly bloated as I used to get. It's still just not comfortable and I would really like to prevent it if at all possible.

  Some people on the forums were suggesting food allergies or sensitivities. The last test I had came back clear a few years ago, so I don't think it's that. I'll try cutting down on cheese and see if that helps the situation. 

  When we both were home from work we decided to walk over to the mall. I had to pick up some photos at Costco and we decided to wander. Then we decided to go for an impromptu date night and go see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I jumped. A lot. Good thing he finds it amusing. Now it's to watch a Disney movie before sleep so no bad dreams.

  Came home to find that my 2 Keto Dudes notebooks had arrived! I can get down to business and start my Primal Health Coach certification! Super excited. 

  I enjoy this keto kind of life.

Day 66: 4th of July

  Today was the first 4th of July that I've had off in I don't even know how long. I was a bit sad that my boyfriend had to work, but since most of what's left to unpack was my things, I spent most of the day unpacking. I managed to get quite a lot done. I did all my books. I cleared off the kitchen counter. I unpacked the Instant Pot. We're testing it out tomorrow. 

  I didn't really eat much after breakfast. I had some cheese wrapped in prosciutto. Then we decided that a fathead or in this case Carlshead pizza was the right thing to make for dinner. I followed Carl's instructions, but they had to be modified slightly since I use a cast iron pizza pan. Who knew that the oil would smoke if you put it in the oven to heat up the pan?! 

  Well found that one out the hard way. Not to mention I may have burned a finger in this whole process. My boyfriend is not surprised by this, nor am I. Trying to get him not to panic when I burned myself is another matter entirely. 

  The pizza was delicious. I used Carl's recipe because I was lacking an egg to use. I remembered that his recipe didn't call for one and figured that was the right thing to do. It was the first time flipping a pizza crust. Luckily, it went just fine. The pizza was delicious as usual!

  I listened to 2 Keto Dudes as I unpacked. I'm finally into the 2018 episodes! Hopefully it won't take too long to catch up! Then I plan on starting the Keto Woman podcast. After that, the Obesity Code podcast. So much listening to do! I can't wait! 

  Now it's to get some sleep before work tomorrow!

Day 65: Keto Kitchen

  Today was a pretty good day. In fact, my boyfriend gave me excellent news! As of this morning, he is officially down 30lbs! Celelbrate! That's fantastic. I'm super proud of him for doing so awesome!!!

  I housesat last night and made some eggs with cheese for breakfast. With that I made a bulletproof Irish Breakfast tea. Delicious. Had to modify it slightly since I didn't have all my normal ingredients. I used butter and whipping cream instead of heavy cream. 

  Lunch was an avocado with a top sirloin patty. I also had a protein shake. Today I wasn't tracking macros. Just trying to get back into the swing of everything after the move. Things will be thrown off this weekend as well since I'm housesitting again, but hopefully I can take food with me and be all set.

  After work, we went to run some errands. We needed to stock up on some essentials for the apartment including the keto staples. We needed butter, heavy cream, bacon and meat!! We purchased ground turkey, chicken breasts, shrimp, Italian meats for a fathead pizza and ingredients for shrimp scampi in the Instant Pot. 

  Whatever we couldn't find at Costco we went to Ralphs for. It was a successful shopping trip. Tomorrow I can do some cooking and unpacking, since for the first time in a long time I don't have to work on the 4th of July.

Day 64: Adjusting

  Well today, was the first morning in our new place for getting ready for work. My boyfriend had to take his little sister to the airport early. I was left on my own to grab breakfast. Not a big deal, but I'm not the fastest mover in the morning. I did get the scale out and I went up almost 2lbs. 

  Am I surprised? Not really. My shark week was off last month and now I'm hoping it will go back to normal, so that may have something to do with it. Also, 0.6lbs was a gain in muscle mass, so that's great news! I went from 29.6% body fat to 30% even, so not a huge change. I knew that it would be off since we didn't do a lot of cooking ourselves the last several days.

  For the most part, everything we ate was all keto. My measurements made a dent thought, so that's great! I lost 2.5in on my bust. Some women complain about this, but I'm thrilled! 1in on my waist. 0.6in on my stomach. I gained 0.5in on my hips, not surprising with workout things I'm doing. Last, but not least, I lost 0.5in on my thighs. 

  Sure, I would have preferred to lose weight, but all things considered not a bad week. This morning I tested making our bulletproof coffee in our Ninja blender. Love it! Going to be my new method of making bulletproof from now on. I tested out our stove, which heats up really quickly. Note to self. I made egg whites with sausage. I put salsa on my eggs. So yummy. 

  Today for Challenge Camp, we all went to have sushi! Sushi and keto?! That's right! I started off with a seaweed salad and then ordered a roll that was wrapped in cucumber instead of rice and seaweed. So delicious and filling. Today was the first day that I didn't really feel hungry in between breakfast and lunch. I'm hoping I can keep this up. I was hungry when I got home and had some prosciutto wrapped around cheese as well as some macadamia nuts; but, I'm doing my best to follow the eat when you're hungry.

  That being said, I now need to go housesit for the evening. I don't particularly like it, mainly because the house makes a lot of noise, but you help your family if you can. The drive from our new house to my work is much easier. I can leave later, which means I can sleep in if I want to. I'm hoping to keep this time getting up and perhaps go to the gym in the morning here. We will see how it all goes!

  I got in one of the keto instant pot cookbooks. So far I like it, but I really wish more of them would say exactly how big a serving is vs serves 6. Pet peeve of mine. Can't wait to test it out! We have to pick out a recipe and go with it! So excited! 

  Keep calm & keto on my friends!

Days 60-63: Planning & Moving

   Well, Thursday was fairly uneventful. I did plan out all my macros and then we took his younger brother to Chipotle for dinner. Am I worried? Nope! Friday and Saturday are going to be a lot of activity with moving. Challenge camp, on Thursday, of course was push ups and chest and arms. We had a lizard join us for part of our activities. See photos below.  

  This weekend may be slightly challenging with food, but I think we will manage just fine. We are going to have to do a Costco stock up trip soon. There are food and apartment essentials we need. 

  After work on Thursday, I dropped a load off at the new place and then we had dinner. This post might be a bit all over the place since without access to wifi and my service not working well, I haven't had time to write it all out and post until now.

  Let's see, Friday was the start of our move days. We were up at a fairly reasonable time because my boyfriend and his brother were headed to our place to wait for the internet dude to come and set up our wifi. As usual, the time frame was from 9am-1pm. The tech came at 12pm. 

  Now, during that time I made 2 complete trips from my old apartment to our new place. The boys helped me unload and I did the rest. Now to put in perspective the amount of exercise, my old apartment is 3 flights up with no elevator and no air conditioning of any kind. We had already moved several of my heavier boxes on Wednesday and Thursday, so the majority of what was left, I could pick up on my own.

  My boyfriend doesn't get to see his siblings very often, so I was glad we found a way to have him spend more time while still getting things done. By the time the internet was set up, we had one more trip left of things that needed to go from my old place here. It filled up my car and his car. There is one trip remaining, but that's the trip being taken to my mom's storage unit.

  After we got all my stuff in, we got cleaned up and headed to Ikea for a bunch of stuff that we needed. None of us had been into the huge new Ikea in Burbank. It was quite the experience. We even tested our their restaurant! Delicious!

  Saturday morning we were up a little bit earlier, I was busily finishing laundry and his old place hoping to get it all done. (Didn't happen.) The house had laundry in it and our complex doesn't have it in unit. That is one thing I wish we had, but to be honest, it's not worth the amount of price difference for some places. I love our new place. 

  Saturday was when he had his mom and step-dad bring his step-dad's truck down to help move the big things from his house: bed, bookcases, mini fridge, etc. So helpful! They are being super kind and loaning us their love seat until we get a couch for the living room. They also surprised us by giving us an Instant Pot as a housewarming present! I totally squeaked out of excitement. 

  It was something I was really hoping to get and such a generous gift. I am so grateful. I have already ordered two Keto Instant Pot books and plan on getting a lot of use out of it. I think it's going to make our lives so much easier. 

  Saturday after getting everything done, and while we waited for sheets in the dryer, we ran errands. We went to Petco and Target. My fish Namor passed away Saturday morning. It was heartbreaking. Since my junior year at college, I've always had a betta. I bought Namor November 2016. 

  I went to the pet store to pick up things to set up the tank for the next fish. Thank you to my friend Brian for his excellent recommendations. We took a look at the bettas because I knew we'd get another one. We knew his name was going to be Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. My betta names are usually themed. For a long time they were mythological names. Mainly Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. I've had a Doctor. Now I'm on super hero names.

  I wasn't planning on finding a fish, but I found my Arthur. He's the perfect colors for his namesake. His tank has been immaculately cleaned.  It's now all set up with the water purified and cleaned of toxins and the filter running. I'll let it get all set up for about 24 hours, check the pH and then add my fish fish.

  Saturday night was his brother's last night here with us. He text some family to come join us for dinner. We went to Something's Fishy. Soooo good. We are grateful that his brother was such a good sport and helped us move. Next time we owe him some much more exciting activities. 

  Today, we all went out to breakfast. We went to a popular chain and ordered omelets, to find out that they use a small amount of pancake batter in the omelet to fluff it up. They also accidentally put some hash browns into my boyfriend's omelet. The batter and the mix up definitely hit us hard today.

  We dropped his brother off at the airport and then did some more errands to pick up a few things we realized we needed. Hopefully, there's not too many more little things that we need to grab. For example, we needed something to stop the door from hitting the wall and we needed a small trash can for the bedroom.

  After errands, we came home and relaxed for a bit. We are doing our best to listen to our bodies. We wanted to get unpacking done, but we were both feeling exhausted. After resting for an hour or so, we got up and started unpacking. I think we achieved quite a bit today.

  After breakfast, we didn't really have all that much to eat. We stopped by and picked up some pork rinds and guacamole fixings. We had several ripe avocados which needed to be eaten so they didn't get trashed. He's really not a big fan of avocados or guacamole, but I also knew that he'd tell me if he couldn't eat it. He's good at telling me in a polite fashion if he doesn't like something. 

  I'm 100% of with that. I would rather know so that I don't make it for him again and so that he doesn't get something he won't eat. I don't take it personally and he's nice about letting me know. Although, it really hasn't happened yet. It has been discussed and I'm willing to be a little sad to make sure that he actually wants to eat something lol.

  It's now time to get some sleep and see what my drive to work from our new place is like! He'll crash out once he brings his sister back from the airport to spend the night.



Day 59: Keys!

  My boyfriend picked up the keys to our apartment on his lunch break! We went over after work and took over the first two loads of stuff! It's really exciting. I'm also stressing out quite a bit. My mind is much calmer, but I can still feel it racing. 

  I always overthink everything. It's just how I am. Being hyper planned out helps and somehow doesn't seem to drive him totally crazy. I think he understands that right now this is the best way to keep me moving forward. 

  While I don't necessarily have a time limit on getting things out of my apartment, as my roommates are staying, I also don't want to drag it out too long. That will keep my stress level high. It's unfortunate that his brother will be with us for the weekend and we have to move. I'm not at all upset that he's here. I'm disappointed that we don't have a greater ability to do more things with him besides move. 

  I know this couldn't really be helped and was all a matter of timing, but right now I simply can't grasp not using all available time to move. We will see how the days progress and I'm truly hoping we have some free time. I would be fine with my boyfriend going off to spend time with him if I still needed to move things. Most things I can lift in my place, so it won't be a problem. 

  I wish I could just stop overthinking and go with the flow. I get tired of people telling me just do it. (He has never said that to me for the record). It's not that simple. Keto keeps me calmer and able to process all the information faster, which in turn does help me calm down faster.

  I snapped a photo of the paleo chicken sausages we found at Costco. They are delicious. Costco really has been a go to for a lot of staples. I am soooo excited to make our keto kitchen! We get to have our own fridge, and cabinets. I can't wait to fill it all with keto food & kitchen gadgets!

  At work today, they brought in vegan donuts. I took a photo of those too. I didn't eat any. Didn't feel like trying any. Wasn't tempted to try any. I did the challenge camp today, which is a good workout as always. After unloading at our place. We made a quick grocery store trip for some necessities. Then it was back here to load my car again and get lunch together. Now it's time for bed.

Day 58: T-Minus 1

  Tomorrow we get our keys! It's crazy! I can't believe it. While we have been essentially living together since January, this our first place together. Yes, yes I know I keep mentioning this and sound like a broken record; however, it's a pretty big deal.

  I'm not nervous about it. I'm confident that whatever things we discover about each other we will be able to work through together. Sure, I've felt this way before, but at this point we've gone through 5 months of virtually no disagreements. The fact that I can't even bring one to mind says a lot. 

  After work, I came back home and grabbed my boyfriend. We then went to my apartment and loaded up my car. The first load of my stuff is in the car and ready to be dropped at our apartment. I'm really excited. 

  While it has been a bit more of a balancing act, I have managed to hit my macros the last few days and tomorrow is looking good as well. I think the stress of moving is making me feel hungrier than normal, but it passes and is nowhere near as bad as it was when I was switching over. 

  That's really all I've got to report for now! Keep calm and keto on!

Day 57: T-Minus 2

  We have two days until we get the keys to our new place on Wednesday. I'm both excited and stressed out. But for me, I'm a calm stressed out. Not sure that makes sense; but, while I am stressed, I'm not hyperventilating. I'm not having a panic attack. I'm able to think through what is going on and continue to be productive while freaking out.

  That may not seem like much, but in actuality it's a huge non-scale victory. Now my boyfriend has never seen me super stressed because we've been on keto for a large chunk of our relationship. One of my best friends, however, mentioned how calm I am the other day. Now, I don't think it's just keto, but I do think my diet is a huge factor. My boyfriend, being who he is, manages to keep me calm without trying.

  This morning was a bit stressful. With everything out of sorts from preparing to move, we didn't quite have everything for our breakfast routine. The roommates have their immersion blender and mine is in a box somewhere. Well not somewhere, I have one giant kitchen tub that has pretty much everything in it. We just haven't gotten it out yet. That certainly made doing bulletproof coffee interesting this morning. Didn't quite blend as well as I would have liked, but still delicious.

  I made my boyfriend make me breakfast since the thought of trying to do keto through a drive through, while possible doesn't sound fun. I appreciate that he's so willing to cater to me. It makes things easier for me. I know that sounds a bit selfish, but I would do the same for him and I think right now I'm way more stressed out than he is.

  We managed to throw a lunch together today. Macros weren't perfect, but I think this week is going to be more difficult with the move. We went shopping at Costco to grab a few essentials. We purchased protein shakes, smoked salmon, frozen hamburgers and macadamia nuts. All keto staples. 

  After that it was coming "home" to pack and organize. We did laundry and packed clothes. We accomplished a fair amount that needed to be accomplished. Now it's time for sleep. I have the feeling that there will be many late nights this week.