Day 23: Next Steps

  Well, the end of another day and today was weigh in day. I lost 2lbs!! To me this huge because it’s shark week or my period. Think of it whatever way makes you most comfortable. My body fat hasn’t decreased much 30.9% to 30.5%. Now what’s really interesting is that my body water percentage went up. I was hoping I might see something like that. Why you might say? It’s actual proof that this happens during this time of the month. While it went up only 0.3% it’s proof. 

  Now I do want to point out that I am bloated. The difference, however, is that I don’t feel bloated. I said this to my boyfriend and he said it was the first time in this two week period (PMS & period) that I’ve said this. Now please don’t think he was complaining. He’s incredible. When he said it, it was a simple pointing out of a fact. (Trust me I’m well aware it’s one of my biggest complaints when it’s this time). 

   I’m not sure you can properly understand what it means to know you’re bloated but not to be feeling like you’re going to break a button or counting down the minutes until you can get into sweatpants. I’m not miserable. I’m not feeling miserable. I can’t even explain how nice that feels. Controlling my emotions at this time is difficult. Keto has made it easier. It’s still a struggle, but not such an exhausting one. Unless you know what I’m talking about, it’s truly hard to explain.

  To feel relatively normal during this time is huge. To get mildly annoyed then eat some fat (usually with protein) and feel better is wonderful. The balance gets more tricky, but being able to manage these symptoms with food and electrolytes is amazing. So, sure, you say well it’s only 2lbs, but my 2lbs and mood improvement. I’ll take it!

  My boyfriend also lost 2lbs. I think the dudes on 2 Keto dudes said that around this time a lot of people stall or have a pause. He’s happy because he’s still going down. He’s having a harder time actually hitting his macro goals. He’s simply not as hungry as I am. Not to mention he isn’t as able to get to snacks as readily as I can.

  My snacks are now mainly a serving of tuna or chicken with half an avocado. Helps make sure I hit my protein for the day and I’m obsessed with avocados. Today’s lunch was a bison burger with the leftover zoodles and Alfredo sauce. Dinner was two turkey cutlets with truffle salt. Yummy! Now to try and get some sleep.



 Bison burger with zoodles Alfredo. 

Bison burger with zoodles Alfredo. 

Day 22: Exhaustion

  So, I'm exhausted. Some naysayers might say this is because of keto. It's not. I haven't had a day off in over three weeks. I am simply stating facts. I'm doing what is necessary for this time. My new job is wonderful, but I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket. I kept my other jobs so that I made sure I wasn't out of one should anything go wrong.

  I'm still exhausted. Yesterday I didn't actually have a full day of work, but I did volunteer from 9am-3pm, so comes pretty close. I did actually do two hours of work. An hour in store and an hour at home. 

  Today I was really groggy for most of the morning. Having some electrolyte water helped and eating helped. Spending 8 hours, well 7 really, on my feet hasn't helped much. I got home and my boyfriend asked what I wanted to eat. Nothing was sounding good and then I saw the bacon. I didn't manage to take my last break at work; and therefore, I didn't have my last snack.

  The dudes on the 2 Keto Dudes podcast talked about cream cheese and bacon and I thought who would do that?! And then I tried it. It's exactly what I wanted. So delicious. The minute I ate it. I could feel the change.

  While I'm still exhausted, eating those fats perked me up. I don't feel as physically tired as I was. I still am going to crash shortly and try and get a lot of rest. Keto has made my brain feel better. It has made me feel better. I look forward to when my body is fully fat converted. I have included a photo of the grocery shopping I did. Delicious keto food!

Day 21: GreySave Homecoming

  So today was a wonderful day. It was a challenging day, but overall wonderful. My brain decided to switch on at 6am, even though I was attempting to sleep in. Thanks keto brain! I mean I didn't really mind, but I did not want to be awake either. 

  I volunteer for GreySave whenever I can. My ex has our greyhound, but that hasn't stopped me from going and spending a Saturday with them whenever I can. Today was a homecoming. That happens when they bring up hounds from Mexico. The hounds are checked in, given baths, medical attention, food and their first experiences of retirement. 

  Normally, I am taking photos for the GreySave Instagram (greysave) and twitter (GreySaveOrg). I'm going to mention how awesome they are for a bit. GreySave takes in all dogs. Including ones who have received serious injuries. Their adoption fee doesn't even come close to covering medical expenses. This is part of the reason I give them my time.

  Now the hard part of this was the food. There's not really keto food at these events. So, I packed snacks. I took macadamia nuts, salami and cheese. It worked pretty well. I also took flavored electrolyte water too. These helped me get through the day. I then went to one of my other jobs and was there for an hour or so. 

  After that was swinging by my apartment, which I now call my storage unit as I'm there so rarely. I had to pick up some things and then I packed up the remainder of my things in the bathroom. My boyfriend and I have been looking for a place together as my lease is up end of next month. We are really excited to start the new chapter and to have our own keto space! 

  From there, I headed to the grocery store. Now, I hadn't really eaten much by this point. Going in there was a nightmare so to speak. I wasn't craving the pastries or the sugar. I wanted the meat and the cheese. It made it a little hard to focus on what I needed to get for food. I ended up grabbing carne asada and veggies for a stir fry. So good. 

  I also bought dinner for tomorrow night. Swordfish and scallops. The dinner from tonight gives us lunch tomorrow and since I go to work at the grocery store tomorrow, I can pick up things for Monday, etc. Keto is hard in some ways. He's rarely hungry. I always seem to be. Adjusting and getting the carb flu is no fun. 

  What is fun is the food, the way it makes you feel and feeling satisfied after every meal. Keto doesn't take that much time to prep if you don't want it to. You can do very simple or very complex. Want food to cook while you're at work? There are plenty of keto slow cooker or instant pot recipes. 

  Want less time on prep? Then make the same thing for a week. Have the same breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't like the same thing all the time? Grab meats, fats and some green leafy veggies. Bell Peppers work well too. They do have some carbs, but I'm ok with those incidental carbs. Mushrooms work fantastic. Change up the meat and the veggie. It's pretty simple. Keto is only as complicated as you want it to be.


Day 20: Office Pizza Party

  Well today presented it's first challenge at work. My new job is amazing. Incredible. I love it to pieces. I am so thrilled with the change. Today was the going away lunch for two of the girls in the office. They ordered pizza to give us a party during lunch. One of my colleagues, who is in charge of the ordering, knew that I would probably bring my own lunch.

  I did this to be safe. I don't expect everyone else to adjust or to compensate for my dietary choices. If they want to order pizza, that's fine. I brought my own deconstructed pizza. My lunch was mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and salami. Delicious. I had my snacks and followed my eating patterns as usual. 

  It really wasn't a struggle for me to sit around people eating pizza. It smelled delicious, but I didn't want it. I wasn't craving it. Some of my coworkers apologized for eating in front of me. I told them not be silly. I don't expect them to change and cater to everything I need. I told them had zero issue with it.

  My boyfriend was feeling many carb flu symptoms today. Of course, he didn't listen. I did make him a pomegranate vinegar and lemon juice water to try and help with some of the symptoms. He wasn't feeling hungry, but I did encourage hm to eat. He didn't listen until I got home for dinner. He had the day off. I told him to rest, but he treats me like a queen.

  I came home to find that he had not only made dinner, but he had done our laundry as well. I really am spoiled rotten. For dinner we had shrimp and mushroom Alfredo with zoodles. So good. Today my macro balance was pretty good. I ate more fat and protein than required, and of that more fat. I'm not upset about this. I feel good. 

  So, here's a non-scale victory. For the last few weeks I've been waking up in a fog. They said brain fog was a thing that happened. The other day I dropped a coffee cup down the stairs. (Luckily, it was empty and closed). This morning I woke up and all cylinders were firing. The first time in almost three weeks where I haven't been super groggy and confused and slow to get going. I mean, I always take longer to get going, but it has felt more difficult up until today.

  It was fantastic feeling this way. I have continued having apple cider vinegar with sparkling water first thing and it has really helped. Making sure I eat in certain windows helps me as well. I still haven't experienced not feeling hungry. Not sure when or if that is coming. My boyfriend seems to not feel hungry quite often. Lucky him I suppose, but we are all different.

  I have been effected much earlier on with the carb flu than he has. My boyfriend seems to be getting effected now. We need to make sure that we take care of it properly. We both need more rest and are doing our best to get more. We both do our best to eat fats and hydrate with electrolytes. I have no doubt that we will be recovered soon and into ketosis.  

Day 19: A Sad Day

  I write this post at the end of a day that was a struggle for me. It wasn't just a struggle for me, but also for my family. My step-dad's father passed away last night. My parents have been married almost 20 years now. Before any of that, I knew this man. I've known him my whole life. Before he became Granddaddy, I knew him. 

  I do not imagine that I feel the same as my step-siblings or my cousins, but that doesn't mean I am not sad. This man made me feel welcome. He made me feel loved. He wrote the most wonderful letters for Christmas. I have saved every one he ever wrote. They will be treasured always.

  The drive to work was painful. I was on the phone with my mom and I text my step-sister. Please understand my step-sister has evolved over the years into my sister, but as I have a confusing family, I say it as a point of reference and not as a point of separation. I was ok until I sat at my desk. My new job was very accommodating and told me if I needed a day I could go home. He wouldn't have wanted that and it wouldn't have helped me. 

  Today for keto wasn't difficult. I did get hungry, but then I ate. I felt a little lightheaded and then I had an electrolyte water and I felt better. I have been starting my workday with 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with a flavored sparkling water. This has been helping abate some of the carb flu symptoms. That and we've really been making an effort to get more rest. My boyfriend was feeling quite a few symptoms today. I encouraged him to take pomegranate vinegar in some flavored water and get more rest. 

  I had a mostly balanced day today, but it was a sad day. When sad days happen we want comfort food. We have both been very excellent at being good. Today wasn't really any different. The only difference is I ate comfort food that was keto. My boyfriend wasn't feeling well and I didn't want him to feel like he needed to cook dinner. (Again, not sponsored by anyone). I picked up Chipotle on the way home. Yup, you can keep keto and eat at Chipotle. 

  We both ordered a salad. No dressing. Double meat. He had steak & chicken. I had carnitas & steak. Topped with cheese and guacamole. Delicious. Totally keto. When I'm sad, chocolate is always wanted. I did ask my boyfriend earlier in the day if we could make Keto Chocolate Mousse. Did I mention this man is amazing?! He made it for me. I got to have a keto dessert and get the chocolate I thought I was craving. 

  It is possible to eat out and do keto. It's possible to have some chocolate and be keto. The macros today weren't of great importance to me. I wanted comfort food. I felt I needed it. I feel better knowing that I ate keto. I know I'm not going to feel bloated and gross and really regret what I ate. Tomorrow I won't feel this way. 

  Now it's time to relax and go to sleep and perhaps change the fish tank.


Day 18: Mom's Salmon

  So, yesterday I planned out what I was going to eat (save for dinner) to try and get the right balance of macros. I really had to cut out a lot of things from before. Now that might sound like I didn't eat a lot and that's just not that true.

  Breakfast was two eggs with mushrooms. On my way to work I had my bulletproof coffee. To lower the fat in that, I only did one tablespoon of butter (usually 2) and one tablespoon of heavy cream. I know that Coconut Oil is very good for you, but the amount of fat it contains is causing my macros to get thrown off so I removed that. 

  My first snack was some canned chicken and half an avocado. Since protein was my main issue, the chicken is low in fat, but very high in protein. Lunch was leftover fathead pizza (2 slices). My second snack of the day was a can of tuna with the other half of the avocado. Not to mention quite a bit of my favorite seasoning, which is Everything But the Bagel from Trader Joe's. 

  For dinner we ended up making garlic butter salmon with yellow squash. Quite an easy dinner really. Made the sauce, sliced the squash and covered both salmon & squash in sauce and popped in oven. We are finding more and more ways of making quick meals. Now the next trick is to make more of them. I think we may look into an instant pot or a slow cooker to start making more meals at once. Not to mention, if we can get ingredients set at night we can throw them in and and have food once we get home. 

  So there's something special about this salmon. My mom caught it! It's really incredible to be able to cook something that my mom caught. It was delicious. With all the planning I was almost perfect on my macros! My goal for protein is 106g. I had 143g. My goal for fat is 95g and I ate 85g. We are aiming for 20g net carbs. I had 13g. I call today a very successful day.

  In case you're wondering, I stay very hydrated. I have two electrolyte waters per day (in the past few) and as much flavored sparkling water as I want. I love sparkling water. My work has several options for us and it's fantastic. I am concentrating on making sure I'm hydrated as well. We are taking the recommended supplements as well. 

  My carb flu symptoms have almost disappeared. It's great. Slowly getting more rest. Hopefully by the end of the month I won't be working 7 days a week straight. Well, now it's off to try and go to bed early.

Day 17: First Fathead Pizza!

  Ok, so getting this macro thing under control is hard. I keep going over with fat. Now, I know, a lot of resources say that you don't have to worry too much. I'm just trying to get it leveled out. I'm worried if I don't get the macros sorted then I will stall. I am really hoping to lose about 20lbs. My ultimate goal weight is 30lbs from where I am now, but honestly it's more about how I feel.

  Even with my macros not getting sorted, I am feeling better. Today there were no headaches and no nausea. I did get a little hangry, but that's normal. With PMS going on and my period coming up, I feel more emotionally stable than normal. This is super helpful. In a Curvy Girl Complications blog post, I'm going to talk about the "fun" of PMS. 

  Today, I am not entirely fussed about the macros. My boyfriend and I made our first Fathead pizza. I have included the link to the recipe I used for the dough. Again, I got this recipe from the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast, which I listen to on Podcasts on my iPhone. I have included more links this time to try and give you help finding the resources I use.

  So today, I also tried a little something new. I have always done better with a biggest breakfast. I am trying to add more fat to my breakfast to fuel my day and then progressively eat less fat as the day goes on. It seemed to work quite well. While my macro balance, as I'll keep repeating, isn't quite right, I think this may help me in the long run.

  Today I added coconut oil and cream back into my bulletproof coffee. I'm most likely going to take the coconut oil out as it adds a great deal of fat and is throwing me over in my macros. I'm going to scale down the fat in the coffee and and adjust some other breakfast components. My snacks, I'm changing them around to ones high in protein and lower in fat.

  For example, today my lunch was tuna and an avocado. I am going to remove salami and cheese and macadamia nuts from my snacks. Macadamia nuts are delicious, but they are very high in fat and I am going by the keto calculator for what I need. If you're curious about calories, I tend to go over on the ones I'm eating, but I'm still seeming to break even for calories burned if you are curious. With keto that's not 100% necessary to make sure that's happening.

  Now, recently, I have been feeling the itch to exercise. We are still going to try and take it easy. We are moving in just over a month and a half. (Where to is to be determined). We don't want to get set in a routine to have it shaken up. What we are going to try and do is take more walks together in the evening. I have gone from retail jobs where I am on my feet all day, to one where I am sitting. Please don't take this as a complaint. It's not. When I used the calculator to calculate my macros, I calculated this lack of activity into it. It's probably why my balance is hard to achieve, but I need to go based on the lack exercise I will be doing on a daily basis. I do plan on establishing a routine once we are settled in our new place, we both do.

  Anyways, now back to the pizza. So, the crust is mainly mozzarella cheese, with added cream cheese, egg and some almond flour. You can choose your own toppings, just know they do have to be cooked beforehand because you are simply melting the extra cheese and not baking the pizza to cook the toppings.

  The pizza is incredible. I'm not going to miss normal pizza with this substitute. It only took about 30 mins to make including making the crust. While the crust is baking, you can cook the toppings that you want to put on the pizza. Our toppings were pepperoni, ricotta cheese, mushrooms and more mozzarella cheese. So good.

  My boyfriend is so sweet. He wants to make sure we are 100% a team at all times. I love this, but he actually needs to eat more than he is. He's not quite hitting his macros. I don't think that if he does that it will stop his weight loss. Well, off to get more rest. 

Day 16

  Well today was day 16, and the first day of using the new scale to monitor everything! So, I can't say that I'm perfectly happy with the results, but I can say that I now have more information in which to help myself. I went up 0.6lbs, but all my measurements stayed the same. Now, for context, this week starts PMS. I'm actually happy to be able to monitor this trend to see if it really is the same every month. 

  My boyfriend, on the other hand, lost 5.8lbs, making a total of 13.8lbs in two weeks!! Of course I would like this success, but it's science that it takes women longer. The most fascinating was being to get all my measurements and being able to adjust the diet based on that information. My body fat percentage isn't as high as I thought it was going to be. I'm 30.9% body fat at 5'9" and weight 180.4lbs. For context, and just as point of note, my boyfriend is 6'1", 230 lbs and 27% body fat. 

  I never would have guessed that he had a lower body fat percentage. I suppose I should have expected it since I have some genetic traits as a woman that he doesn't have and those store fat. Namely boobs and a butt. Women's bodies tend to want to hold onto the fat for reproduction purposes and our hormones can make things more challenging, so that's why it usually takes us longer to start losing weight.

  Sure, I was hoping to lose some weight, but from tracking everything I can see that I ate more fat than was required by my macros. This probably has something to do with the minimal weight gain. I think that part of it is not eating the macros that are necessary and part of it is PMS. I'm curious if next week when I actually have my period, whether I will gain more weight or if I monitor my macros more closely if I will actually lose weight. 

  Listening to 2 Keto Dudes and reading all these books makes me really interested in becoming a dietitian or nutritionist and I think I may put in some e-mails to programs nearby to see what needs to be done. The more and more I learn, the more fascinated I've become. I think that's an excellent sign. I love the new job I started and it's not something I plan on leaving, but I would love to find a way to help in my spare time.

  There's nothing much to report about today food wise. I had a horrible headache and felt exhausted. It passed after taking some Propel and snacks. My neck and shoulders are still sore, but some pain killers will help and I'm going to try and get as much rest as I can. Currently, I haven't had a day off in over two weeks. I don't say this to get sympathy. I am simply doing what I need to do for the current time. 

  I think the carb flu may hit me hard this week. We're going into week 3. I'm prepared as best I can. The propel and broth that I have help. I do my best to eat when I'm hungry. I'm still feeling hungry every two hours or so. I eat and I feel better. It may be that my macro balance is off that it's causing me to be more hungry. I'm curious to see if this change will help. I'm curious to see what the week brings.

  I went to Costco after work to pick up some essentials. The trip was really for eggs and propel. For my macros, I need less fat and more protein. Here's the link to the keto calculator I'm using: Once again, not sponsored by anything I mention by name, but the info is for anyone curious. I ended up picking up cans of tuna and cans of chicken meat as sources of protein that have almost no fat. 

  I plan to mix them with avocado or gucamole or some other form of fat. I am not drastically changing the fat in my diet, but I'm going based upon what I need. I haven't hit my protein goal and I want to make sure I maintain my muscle mass. I was an athlete up until college and I've always tried to work out. My body is starting to tell me to be active again so I may introduce some long walks and maybe some hikes. Nothing to super strenuous. Well, I need to crash. Goodnight all.


Day 15: Mother's Day

  First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there. I am not a mother at the moment. I am only a pet mom for a fish. Namor is a great fish. I celebrated two moms today. I went to my mom's for breakfast. I didn't get up and going as quickly as I wanted. I'm having a hard time doing that. I would say that's mostly to do with not actually having a day off in the past two weeks vs anything to do with the ketogenic diet. 

  I think in some ways keto has helped me sustain this a bit better. I'm now reaching the point of exhaustion. I need to find a way to get a lot more sleep. Anyways, after getting up my boyfriend and I had breakfast. A little redundant to have breakfast before breakfast? Nah! I don't do well running on no food. I think it's a smarter way to go by eating first. I still had breakfast with my mom. Bacon & eggs both times! Plus this held me off, mostly, until my lunch break at work. 

  After work, we headed to see my boyfriend's mom. Now, we did give our mothers virtually the same gift, but customized for them specifically. It was a great hit. We both had custom chocolate bars designed for our moms of their dogs. This was done at Sweet! Candy Shop in Hollywood. (I've worked there since before the store was opened).

  My mom's dog is Hunter and her bar is milk chocolate, caramel, sea salt and toffee. My boyfriend's mom's dog is Cosmo and her bar is milk chocolate, caramel, sea salt and macadamia nuts. Each bar donates a portion to charity. Hunter's bar donates to the Cancer Research Institute. Cosmo's bar donates to A New Leash On Life. (These bars will soon be available to purchase via 

  The rest of the day went fairly smoothly.  I worked on the demo station again with serving the same thing. There were waffles and pancakes when I got in. Took those to the break room. I had none. For the majority of my shift and well into the evening and night, I had a terrible headache. I grabbed some pain killers and that helped. I was drinking water with electrolytes. I had a Propel. I probably am just not as hydrated as I need to be. 

  Nothing terribly exciting to report for today. Tomorrow is a weigh in day and we are going to use our new scale. 



Day 14: Temptation to the Max

  So, today we actually got to sleep in. It was nice. We actually went to bed at a fairly decent hour as well, which was great too. We had our breakfast together and grabbed coffee to go. In about a month, my lease is up. We are starting to look at apartments together. It's not really a fun process, but it' fun to go do things together.

  After that, he had to head to work and I went to a supplement store. We needed to get a potassium supplement. I found one for a good price and grabbed it. From there, I headed to one of my jobs because I was supposed to pick up Mother's Day gifts. Well, those weren't ready like they were supposed to be. Long story, but I'm grabbing them in the morning.

  I started listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast called Femail. The two dudes invited some of the women from the community to answer questions women have. I am at the very beginning of the episode and the one thing that's sticking out is that women are being surprised and frustrated by the fact that their male partners are losing weight faster. 

  Sure, it's frustrating, but I expected this when my boyfriend and I started this. I expect him to lose more weight week per week than I do. This is, I believe, a scientifically proven thing with the way women and men work. It's not that it's not annoying, but it's not something worth getting too frustrated about. One of the things I need to do is adjust what I'm eating. 

  I know that it's a team thing that we are doing, but it's also individual. For me, as long as I'm feeling well and things are going in the right direction then I'm happy. I want my boyfriend to succeed. He's got a larger weight loss goal than I do. He'll probably get to it before I will and that's ok. 

  I'm excited to see what else they talk about on the rest of the episode. I do agree that's it's difficult for a man to give a perspective on a woman and vice versa. I'm still excited to see what else is brought up. 

  So, I walk into the grocery store I work in and I am scheduled to work two hours on demo. So far, managed temptation fine. I haven't give in. Haven't broken from the diet. Today was the hardest test I have had so far. We were serving apple crumble a la mode. In the back were chocolate chip cookies and a cake. This was so difficult and not difficult at the same time. 

  It was difficult not having a choice but to be around it. What wasn't difficult was resisting. I didn't want it. It smelled amazing. I didn't try any of it. In the past, as in two weeks ago, I would've continued to keep eating. This is huge progress for me. A giant non-scale victory. I do think that I may be a person that needs to eat more often than others, but to not want the sugar is huge.

  I had a sugar free electrolyte drink this morning in between running around. It made me feel better from the electrolytes and then I wasn't as hungry. I think I'll be adding one of those into my daily routine until I can get all the supplements down and remember to take them. Taking them usually is the biggest problem. I have to get in the routine of taking them and then I remember. Sometimes just rushing out the door and don't grab them at last minute. 

  I didn't fill nauseous at any point today. I think I'm starting to feel a little less hungry. I also seem to be feeling full faster or maybe it's that I'm starting to get satiated by the food I'm putting in my body. I know they say it can take 6-8 weeks to fully enter ketosis, but we've made it to the end of week 2 and I think little by little the change is going into effect.

  Lunch was the leftovers from dinner last night. Dinner was the spiralized carrots with goat cheese and kielbasa. It was sooooo good. Snacks were macadamia nuts and cheese wrapped in prosciutto and salami. All great food. 

  I would say today all in all for keto was a good day. My mouth didn't water with all the temptations I faced. I did get hungry, but I'm probably still in the mindset where my body "wants" carbs. I'm most likely going to look into nutrition and/or dietitian classes because I want to learn more and have discovered I have a passion for it.

Day 13

  Well, the end of another day. I have been recording my meals in My Fitness Pal. I've been mainly focusing on the macros. I keep going over in fat, but I'm hoping that won't affect things too much, but we will find out. 

  I am actually really excited for the fancy new scale. The number on it isn't the prime importance. For me, it's knowing my actual body composition. I want to know how much muscle I have. If I'm seeing weight gain, but showing muscle gain and body fat percentage not moving, I'll be happy.

  Sure, I have a goal weight. For any curious, it's 150lbs. That's 29lbs from where I am now. My body may tell me that that's not my ideal weight. It may be more than that. I highly doubt it's less. Last time I was around 150lbs, I couldn't get under. Works for me. Your body tells you what it needs to me.

  So, I didn't have my bouillon cube after lunch today. The sparkling water and the delicious lunch were enough. I think I had some more protein with lunch than I have been and that may have helped. Still was getting really hungry. Tried having water to ward it off. Didn't help.

  Today we went out and purchased some sugar free Propel. It has the electrolytes we aren't getting and I'm hoping it may help with the hunger. Tomorrow I should be going out and getting a potassium supplement. We looked at one today, but it had dextrose in it. I really don't need to be putting more sugar into my body.

  Speaking of we, there's something I need to say. My boyfriend is incredible. I get up around 6:30am during the week. I'm a slow mover in the morning, even if I tend to be more efficent. He doesn't ever start work before 9:30am. I have to be out the door by 7:50am at the latest. Every morning he gets up with me, makes sure there's coffee and makes me breakfast.

  I make him our morning bulletproof coffee and we sit and enjoy breakfast together. It's one of my favorite parts of the day. He knows he doesn't need to get up with me. I wouldn't be angry if he chose to sleep. I love sleep. 

  To have an actual partner to be a partner is incredible. I'm sure I'll repeat it often. I've never gone through a process like this with a significant other and had them support me in this way. Before it was generally hearing about everything I was doing wrong. How I needed to exercise. How I should eat this, not that. They weren't ever really a partner. They were judges. I never passed the test.

  I want my boyfriend to know he's loved and appreciated beyond what he can imagine. To have a teammate and a best friend to navigate this whole process with is fantastic. I wouldn't change it for anything else. 

  We ended up needing to go get a few groceries tonight. I grabbed him on my way back from work and we bought some pasta sauce, mushrooms, Propel and some snacks. We came home and started cooking. Sure, we're eating later than we would like, but we are spending time cooking together and it's giving us a couple meals. 

The meal tonight was incredible. We made an Alfredo sauce with mushrooms, garlic and ground beef. It reminded us of some of the hamburger helper dishes we used to have as kids. We put this on top of some spiralized carrots. The texture was different, but nothing bad. I personally think it would taste better zucchini noodles. We're going to try that next time and make them as close to egg noodle size as possible.

  I'm also excited because our Lodge cast iron pizza pan arrived today! We are getting ingredients for fathead pizza and going to make it either this weekend or during the week. Can't wait!

  Well, I would say today was pretty successful, but I'm hoping I can kick the hunger issues soon.


Day 12

We're still going strong in the keto process. Eating delicious food and for the most part not feeling any carb withdrawal symptoms. I was able to stop the nausea before it started today by having my snacks a little earlier. I know they say eventually you won't be so hungry, but I haven't found that to be the case yet. My boyfriend has the opposite. I still seem to need to eat every 3 to 4 hours or I just don't feel very well.

Today, by the end of my work day, I was exhausted. Sleep has been one of the most challenging things to get. Technically, I am working 3 jobs. In fairness, I really do most of the work with 2. I'm hoping that my 30 day probationary period goes well and then I can get rid of my weekend job. 

The third job is all done on my own schedule. I enjoy being able to do it from home and once I can get rid of the other one that takes up my weekends, I will be very happy and will get more sleep. For now, I need to do what I need to do. I'm not complaining. It's life and I've finally found a place where being me or being like me at work is great. I'm thrilled.

Tonight, hopefully, it will be a much earlier night. Dinner was kielbasa with spinach. Lunch was Costco's hot dogs (nitrate free and hormone free, etc) and an avocado. According to my macros, I am still eating more fat than necessary. I have to say I'm extremely impressed with Costco's selections and ability to find things that work with this diet.

I'm excited. Our new scale arrived today! It does body composition, so we can accurately know how much body fat we have. Then we can use the keto calculator to adjust our macros. I got on to make sure it was connected, but I'm not fussed about what it said. I'm still sticking to my once a week in the morning weighing. 

I don't see this as something that will end up holding me back. I see it as a way to move forward and have more information. The number isn't important to me in the end. I'm more curious about my body composition and what matters most is how I feel.

I have to say that I am inspired to learn more about nutrition through all I've been reading and listening to on podcasts. Now to find time to learn, but there's always reading more books! My drive to work usually takes 45mins to an hour and the same on the way home. I get quite a lot of my listening done in the car.

We will start exercising eventually, but everyone has been saying wait for your body to tell you. My body is still tired and needing to eat a lot. I think my adjustment period will take a bit longer than most, but I'm ok with that. I know that eventually I will feel so much better. There already some big differences. I'm not bloated at the end of the night. I'm not craving sugar or carbs even when I see them.

I think my macros will need to be adjusted after my next accurate reading with the scale, but that's ok. This is a learning process and I want to learn how to help my body in the best way possible.


Day 11

Today was a pretty good day. We had bacon and eggs for breakfast. I drank my bulletproof coffee in the car on the way to work. I had a lot of nausea this morning. It went away after eating a cheese stick wrapped with prosciutto and some macadamia nuts. Usually PMS makes me feel that way, but that's a least a week away. These carb withdrawal symptoms are a pain. They ebb and flow and usually eating something with fat helps. 

Lunch was more salmon, spinach and cauliflower rice. My next snack was 3/4 of an avocado. So good. I love avocados. The avocado carried me over until we went and had dinner. We ended up going out to In-N-Out and getting protein style double doubles. While the sauce adds carbs and some sugar, it didn't put me over my net carbs for the day. I went a little over calorie wise, but as we are not desperately tracking calories I'm not 100% worried.

I didn't meet my protein goal and I went over on fat. I'm hoping this won't be too detrimental of a problem. A few days ago I ordered us a smart scale, that reads body fat percentage among other things. This is to make sure that we can accurately update our macros and get an accurate reading from the keto calculator instead of guessing. 

Some people might think it could be a disappointment, but I expect ebbs and flows. I would rather have accurate readings to make sure that we are getting the proper nutrients. I'm not going to get discourage with weight fluctuations. 

They brought donuts and cupcakes into the office today. The best thing was, my mouth didn't water. I didn't feel the sugar craving. It was fantastic. Well, hopefully I will get more rest tonight. 



Day 10

Well today is day 10. I apparently forgot to take photos of my food today. The photos from last night work. Breakfast was eggs and some prosciutto and cheese. On my way to work I had my bulletproof coffee. Snacks were macadamia nuts, bouillon cube and salami with cheese.

Both my lunch and dinner were almost the same thing. It was a salmon filet and then for lunch it was with spinach and cauliflower rice. Dinner it was on the spinach. I was feeling really hungry this morning. I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I ate my macadamia nuts over a period of time so that I didn't overeat and have no snack to use. 

It was really surprising to have so much hunger. I'm hoping this is a sign that it's working. Just did a quick Google search and it seems that it's from switching from sugar burning to fat burning that's part of it. The morning hours seem to be when I'm most hungry. I'm hoping this will fade as time goes on.

I just ordered a cast iron pizza pan. We've been dying to try the fathead pizza recipe and I can't wait for this to get here. I also ordered a pizza cutter and a new Keto book. It was recommended to me by a coworker. 

My mom text me and asked what we can eat and what she should eat. She wants to get back in shape. She's older so it's harder, which I don't have a reference point for. I don't think she's going to go keto for any extended period of time, but she may try for a bit. 

My boyfriend and I are beginning to look for apartments. We are both really excited to have a place of our own and start with empty cabinets, empty fridge and empty freezer. We can start without having to clear out everything that we don't want. This also means we will have our own kitchen gadgets. So much to look forward to. Now to try and get more sleep.

Days 8 & 9

So right now I am absolutely exhausted. I don't sleep well when I'm house sitting. Every sound sounds like something creepy and then I just can't sleep, regardless of whether or not there's a Disney movie on. Well, maybe I should say I sleep, but it's fitful.

Yesterday went pretty well. I had my leftover lamb for breakfast. I took a can of tuna and some avocado for lunch. My snacks were macadamia nuts and hardboiled eggs. Felt nauseous every now and then, but usually having something to snack on helped.

Last night I was really hungry, but didn't feel like a meal. So I ended up finishing the brie I bought. Cheese is amazing. I love cheese. It probably wasn't the greatest idea, but considering it's the only thing I consumed for dinner and it's keto, I'll let it go. I did cook my filets during this time. I also had my cocktail of pomegranate vinegar and sparkling water. It's amazing how quickly I feel better after having some of that.

Last night I also cooked up some mushrooms and spinach in ghee. I added some garlic and salt and that's about it. This morning for breakfast I had a filet with mushrooms. I couldn't stomach trying bulletproof coffee with the coffee in my parent's house, so I did bulletproof tea. It was INCREDIBLE!! 

I forgot to take a photo, but I brewed two English Breakfast tea bags in almost 2 cups of water. Then I added the butter and coconut oil with some vanilla. Whizzed it all together like normal and it was so delicious. Now I'm looking forward to trying it with other teas. I did get hungrier earlier for my mid-morning snack of macadamias, but I think this partially has to do with my shifts being earlier on the weekend then they are during the week.

Lunch was my other piece of filet mignon with spinach and mushrooms. Afternoon snack was two hard boiled eggs. I was wiped after work and didn't want to go shopping, but I did. We needed food for tomorrow and getting lazy is usually when slip ups start happening for me.

I went to Costco because it's more cost effective on a lot of items if you're a couple. I don't know that I would shop there if it was just me. I bought eggs, spinach, salmon, some supplements and keto snacks. The salmon was fantastic as it was ready to get put in the oven. Came with pesto butter and all.

I came home. I didn't want to cook. I know all of us complain about not having enough time, but the truth is if we don't make a little time then it won't happen. I preheated the oven and while that was happening I started cooking riced cauliflower. Nothing fancy, just some ghee, garlic and seasonings. Put the salmon in the oven when it need to go and then cooked spinach in ghee with garlic and some salt.

By the time the salmon was done, I had cleaned the kitchen and made our veggies. It's not that I wanted to do any of this, but, as the 2 Keto Dudes said on the episode I listened to today, "it's an investment in your health". It's now time to pass out.


Day 7

  Well, it’s the end of week one and I’m feeling pretty great. I just finished dinner. I know some people say and perhaps some studies say you shouldn’t eat after 8pm. My schedule doesn’t really allow me to eat before 8pm on most workdays.  

  I just read a blog post from Jillian Michaels saying that it’s a myth that you need to eat before 8pm ( She says it matters what you eat and that the danger is over eating. Luckily, with keto I am satiated much faster. 

  I bought some “treats” to celebrate my first week on keto and a week at my new job. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to celebrate with my boyfriend as I’m house sitting. My “treats” were lamb loin and filet mignon.  

  The other “problem” with house sitting is not having everything where I’m used to it being. Made bulletproof coffee, but I think it’s old coffee so didn’t taste as good. Will try it with newer coffee tomorrow.

  I haven’t craved sugar and carbs this week. The beef mini tacos I was making at the demo station today didn’t even phase me. Neither did the sugar cookies or the little chocolate chip cookies. I was really surprised by this. 

  I did get a craving for one thing today. Lamb. It just sounded really delicious. So I bought some because it’s keto. I grilled it, used a meat thermometer to make sure it was right temperature and added spinach cooked in ghee with garlic salt. Delicious.  

  The filets will be saved for tomorrow night or to take to work the next day. To make my dinner seem even fancier, I put my sparkling water in a wine glass. I’ll be making my cocktail of pomegranate vinegar and sparkling water.  

   My sore throat is basically gone and I’m a little congested. It’s pretty impressive with some pomegranate or apple cider vinegar can do to make you feel better. It has far less carbs than Emergen-C. Also taking my Vitamin C pills that have a few carbs, but waste not want not. I’m going to head to a supplement shop and see if I can find an option with less carbs. 

  Dinner was delicious. The food I’ve gotten to eat this last week is delicious. Yummy.  


Day 6

  Well today is another day closer to being fat adapted. From what I understand, it takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks to become fat adapted. Today, we had bacon and eggs for breakfast again. I drank my bulletproof coffee on the way to work. We may experiment in a week or two with adding other extracts besides vanilla to see if it adds to the taste. 

  I don’t mind the taste to be clear. I’m just curious if pure extracts, of almond (or something like that), would add additional flavor without adding carbs and sugar. If the answer is no, then it’s no. 

   Snacks were macadamia nuts and bouillon cube turned into chicken broth. Lunch was an avocado with chorizo on top. I was pretty dang hungry when I got done with work. I had to drive to my mom’s and knew it was a longer drive so I stopped by one of my favorite fast food places. 

  I’m not sponsored by In-N-Out in any way, but I sure do love them. I got a double double protein style. That means no bun. I don’t usually get onions. What I didn’t think about was the sauce. Well, it didn’t occur to me until later that I should probably not have the sauce.  

  I’m sporadically using My Fitness Pal (not sponsored by them either) and looked up the nutritional value. It’s only 8g of net carbs. Not terrible. 7g are sugar, but considering most of the rest of what I ate today doesn’t have that, I don’t think I did too badly.  

   I have a bit of a sore throat, but the nausea from yesterday has passed. I take this as a big bonus. I may take some apple cider vinegar or pomegranate vinegar to try and ward off a cold if that’s what’s going on. I assume it’s my body adjusting to the new schedule and job, which comes with a new sleep schedule. I should be getting a bit more sleep tonight. 

Note: If I mention or show a photo of anything with a brand name, unless otherwise stated, I am currently not sponsored by any of them.  


 Christening the car 

Christening the car 

In-N-Out is a must and their protein style makes it much easier to eat keto friendly.  

Day 5

Well, day 5 has started like most other days. Today, however, I’m feeling a bit nauseous. It comes in waves, but I’m guessing this may be the onset of another of the “keto flu”. I haven’t added anything different into my diet. I have theories about why this might be. 

Since I had consumed so much sugar over the years prior to trying this way of living, I imagine that some of the "keto flu" symptoms will hit me a lot harder than they will my boyfriend. He was not a sugar fiend like me. I think he may get into ketosis faster since I would imagine that I have a lot more glucose stored in my body than he does his.

Today, breakfast was eggs cooked in bacon grease from the bacon we also ate. I had my bulletproof coffee on the way to work. I've lowered the the coconut oil from 2tbsps to 1. I'm considering looking for a non-coconut based MCT oil to add into the coffee. Partially for myself and partially for the fact that my boyfriend doesn't like coconut.

Snacks were macadamia nuts, bacon wrapped asparagus, a bite size brie and some chicken bouillon. Lunch was chorizo and an avocado. Tonight was a challenge. After work, I went to meet my boyfriend to go see Avengers Infinity War. 

I love popcorn and OMG when we walked into the theatre the smell of the butter was amazing. We had discussed bringing snacks to the theatre. He brought macadamia nuts, sparkling water and a salami and cheese tray for each of us. So thoughtful. 

The butter smell had made me really hungry, so I didn't really have as much control to not eat the salami and cheese right away. Hey, it's protein and fats with minimal carbs, so I don't feel so bad. The movie was amazing and neither of us ate the nuts. A good day overall.

Day 4

So, depending on how well you know me, you’ll know I’m OBSESSED with pumpkin. Pumpkin anything. Yes, that includes pumpkin spice. I don’t care if it’s basic or not. 

I attempted to make a pumpkin spice bulletproof coffee. Didn’t go so well. The only difference is that I used pumpkin spice mix instead of cinnamon. Tasted good, but not the flavor I was looking for. I plan on trying to make this recipe work. 

I can lose both Peeps and pumpkin but I want to make sure that I can make one work. Not necessary but I’m curious. On further research, I found I can't wait to try some of these!

Tonight we are going to have a big seafood dinner. I’m trying not to eat as much before then. We had our baked avocado for breakfast as well as bulletproof coffee. Snack was macadamia nuts, a chicken bouillon cube (in hot water) and some cheese crisps. My lunch was mushrooms cooked in ghee with chorizo.

For the most part I'm still not getting hungry, however, my body has adjusted to my new schedule at work so I tend to feel hungry at the same times and if my stomach really starts growling, then I know I should eat something.

Tonight we went to an amazing seafood restaurant for dinner with friends. While I was slightly disappointed not to have crab cakes or calamari, what we did end up eating was incredible. My boyfriend and I split just about everything. We started with ceviche. We used forks and left the tortilla chips. I had the shrimp & scallops with sides of sautéed spinach and grilled zucchini. He had the filet with lobster tail. Yay butter sauce! I have included photos below.

The macadamia nuts and the bouillon cubes seem the best for getting rid of hunger and not feeling so tired throughout the day. I continue to feel less and less like snacking. I'm hoping that I will get to the point where I only need to eat the bigger meals and have a smaller dinner since I usually get home around 7:30-8pm and I don't want to eat too late.

So, far this week is going pretty well. I'm pretty exhausted when I get to the end of the day, but I do my best to sleep as much as I can.

Onwards to Day 5...



Keto Days 1 - 3

Finally signing on about the first few days of keto. The food we get to eat is delicious and it goes against everything we've been told we should eat. That has taken some adjustment and sometimes still seems strange, but I figure it will be a work in progress for a bit. Below, I will post some examples of what we've made. 

As the days progress, it's getting easier and easier to recognize when I'm actually hungry and when I just want to eat. Normally, or on other diets, I'm starving for the first few days while trying to change things up. These first few days, I have been far less hungry than I typically am. I'm snacking less than I usually do.

I do have several rounds of exhaustion during the day. From my research and podcast that I listen to, the "keto flu" is common within the first few weeks (up to 6). I don't seem, yet, to have any of the other symptoms. I've listened and read about ways to combat this to help push me through this time. Eating more fats and salt. 

Some of my snacks have been macadamia nuts, bouillon cubes as broth and bacon. This morning, we tried an egg baked in an avocado with chorizo. It's delicious. So far I haven't really craved any sugar. This is HUGE. I almost always crave sugar and carbs and as of now that hasn't really happened. 

I've heard the urge to snack goes away and that a lot of people participate in intermittent fasting. I'm not necessarily looking to participate in that, but I'm hoping my snacking urge decreases as that is one of the major problems I tend to have. 

I did use a keto calculator to figure out my macro nutrients requirements. Some tweaking does need to be done on my part. If it's really true that I don't process fat as well as other people then I will need to adjust that. Of course, going back through my two DNA reports, I'm having a hard time finding where I saw this. 

I have done both 23 and Me as well as Vitagene. (I am not sponsored by either of them.) Vitagene says that I should process carbs normally and would benefit from a low fat diet. This doesn't mean I won't do well on keto; but, it may mean that I need to watch my macros more consistently than some others.

I spend my drive to and from work listening to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast. I'm catching up and highly recommend the show to anyone who is curious. (Once again, not sponsored or anything by the podcast or the guys who put it on).

The bloating that I've been having at the end of the night is going down slowly. I'm not feeling like I'm breaking out in hives as I felt I was doing sometimes when eating carbs and sugar. There's no immediate bloating when eating anything on this diet. This was starting to happen with all things sugar.

Both my boyfriend and I are very excited to be embarking on this journey. We look forward to seeing what this change brings and how we change. Stay tuned for more posts...