Day 53: New Macros

  The new macros are working out pretty well. Sometimes I have to rebalance them when I do Challenge Camp as the exercise then burns calories off and resets the macros a bit. It's slightly frustrating, but if I'm a little peckish I grab some salami and cheese and prosciutto. Not too bad. 

  I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach earlier, but after having some macadamia nuts I felt better. I'm having fatty snacks about an hour before challenge camp to give me a some energy. This helped. Our camp leader was getting a massage, so I went on a hike with another co-worker. When we came back, our work had a gelato truck in the parking lot.

  This isn't a complaint exactly. I didn't have any. I didn't really want any. I think it's awesome that my job does this. Instead of ice cream, I came back, cleaned off and ate my lunch. After work, came back to pick up my boyfriend to pack up the last few things in my apartment. Everything is pretty much done. It feels pretty good. 

  We came back and packed our lunches and are trying to make it an early night. There's not a whole lot else to report. 

Day 52: Family Dinner

  We just got back from a family dinner at my mom's. There were five of of us: my boyfriend, my step-dad, my mom, my aunt and myself. There was a lot of Keto talk. I was getting a lot of questions about it and other things over dinner. All good things. My parents and my aunt all want me to get into this as a career.

  I am getting ready to start the Primal Health Coach program. I'm all signed up, but with the move coming, a good chunk of my spare time has been spent packing. That's soon all over and I can get down to studying! I'm really excited. I was looking into dietitian programs. Not only are they more expensive, but most places aren't seeming to accept me because I have a college degree. I'm a little shocked that they won't accept my payments. 

  I'm still doing research into programs. The Primal Health Coach certification seems the best place to start, but I may look into doing something at a local community college. Once the move is done and I have some more time, I will take a look.

  Before going to my parents, both of us had eaten and planed out our macros. I did challenge camp today and it's possible I had to adjust a little. We weren't sure whether there was going to be food or not. The food mom made was keto friendly. Steak, salad and salmon with a walnut crust. We both were a little peckish and ate some, but only to satiety.

  It was interesting to watch my step-dad cut off all the fat. I totally took a bunch of the fatty parts and ate them! So delicious. Keto really has turned into my passion. I can't wait to learn more and I look forward to adding this as one of my skills. I hope to use it to help others.

Day 51: Adjusting

  Today was the first time in a long time of updating to adjusted macros. When packing our lunches today, it felt like a lot less food than normal. It didn't feel like I was straining to match my macros. My boyfriend is still having issues hitting all of his. The protein goal is more manageable for both of us with the adjustments I made in the keto calculator. My boyfriend is having issues hitting his fat goal. We are looking into some easy alternatives.

  Avocados are on the top of the list. He has discovered that he actually quite likes them. He does put salt & pepper on them, but that's a great way to eat an avocado! I think we are going to take a look at some fat bombs to help him reach his fat goal. Part of it is that he's just not hungry. Lucky him.

  My hunger has finally died way down. I'm not starving or more accurately, feeling like I'm starving. I do get a little light headed sometimes, but I just grab some protein or one of my combined protein & fat snacks. I tend to eat a little something about an hour before the challenge camp at work. If I don't eat something, I feel a bit queasy. If I eat too close to working out then I get sick as well. It's not super fun. It has always been this way.

  I'm very curious to see how our weight adjusts with the new macros. With Challenge Camp, I often burn more calories and then my marcos change. Tonight I had some prosciutto, heavy cream and mozzarella to make up for the difference. Can't wait to see how tomorrow goes!

Day 50: Macro Update

  In 50 days on the ketogenic lifestyle, I have lost 8.6lbs. I lost 0.4lbs this last week. I seem to be doing close to half a pound a week on average. I'm good with this. I don't mind slow and steady. It's working. I feel great. My boyfriend has lost 24.6lbs in 50 days. He lost 2lbs this past week. He's been pretty steady 2lb drop the whole time.

  I know so many people have big numbers, but we are all individuals and our body decides what pace it wants to go at. I have been a little slack in updating our macros at every weigh in. Well, this time, we did it. I use the keto calculator. I realized that before I hadn't been paying attention to the grams per kilogram measurement they use for protein. Both of us were on the high end. 

  The 2 Keto Dudes and a lot of research suggests that you should eat between 1-1.5 g/kg of protein per lean body mass. If I'm not getting the language totally right please forgive me. We were eating closer to 1.8g/kg. I dropped it down for both of us to 1.5g/kg. We will see what this change does over the next week. 

 I came close to my macros today, but since I didn't have exact ingredients for something I ate, I wasn't able to calculate 100%. My mom sent me home yesterday with her amazing smoked salmon pate. There was no way I was saying no to that! All ingredients are keto friendly, so I didn't really have an issue with eating it today.

  Our lunch was so delicious! We did a taco bowl essentially, minus anything that made up the bowl We cooked ground turkey in taco seasoning. Added some cheese and half an avocado. We will be doing this more often! I know we are looking forward to making the cheese taco shells at some point. I wouldn't mind wrapping this lunch in lettuce.

  All in all it was a good day. I'm always surprised when I lose weight and it's that time of the month or going to be, so any downward movement is great! Keep calm and keto on folks!

Day 49: Father’s Day

  Well, today is Father’s Day. It’s going to be a challenging keto day for part of it since we are going to a family friend’s house for a brunch. No idea what will be served.  

  To prepare for that, I ate my usual keto breakfast and had my bulletproof coffee so at least I won’t feel so hungry. If you want my thoughts on Father’s Day, hop over to my Curvy Girl Complications blog and read my post Daddy vs. Father. 

 Today is a tough day for my boyfriend since he no longer has his dad with him. I didn't really want to leave him alone, but I also didn't want him to feel like he had to interact with a bunch of people he didn't know on a day that is difficult for him.

  I went to my mom's and gave my step-dad his gifts. We then went over to our family friend's house. We've gone there often over the years and the food is really good. I just couldn't remember how much was keto friendly or not. Turns out quite a lot of it was. I ate to satiety and knew that later we would be going out for more food.

  I vented over on the ketogenic forums, but I'm still a bit raw from what happened. I'm sure that I blab about keto quite a bit. I do try and keep in mind that not everyone wants to hear things, but when people start asking, I will answer questions. As I was explaining and answering questions and saying what keto helps with, my older step-brother and his wife made it their mission to negate everything I was saying and make me look like an idiot in front of everyone. 

  They don't know anything about keto. They don't know about the benefits one can get. They've done no research. They haven't signed up to become a Primal Health Coach. They don't listen to around 2 hours of the 2 Keto Dudes Podcast a day to catch up. (FYI, I will add more podcasts onto my list, but I like to start from the beginning. Once I catch up to 2 Keto Dudes, I already have several on my list.)

  I know my older brother is a nasty piece of work. He has always been this way. In high school he used to pretend I didn't exist. Even when I was standing in front of him. He has never given me a card or birthday anything. He doesn't give holiday gifts. Fine he doesn't want to do that, it's ok. But he treats everyone in our family like we are disease, including his own dad, my step-dad who would give him the world if he asked. Maybe he has a condition. Maybe he doesn't. Doesn't matter. 

  If you disagree with someone fine. If you've done the research and can prove to me the science is wrong, great. Until then don't disrespect someone just because. I have never given any of them either reason to treat me with such disrespect. In fact, at one point, his wife actually turned her back on me. 

  I had given my dad an Amazon gift card with a list of book recommendations that the dudes had recommended. I came in to find two of the ones sitting on the table. In fact, once of them was one I hesitated to recommend because it's title. I didn't want my dad thinking that I was suggesting anything with the title Why We Get Fat. The other book he had sitting out was The Case Against Sugar, which I had put on my list. 

  After the event and we came back to my parents, I'm not going to lie I was in tears because of how angry I was at being treated that way. I only meant to tell my mom because I don't like mentioning to my step-dad about how awful his son is. My dad saw how upset I was and came over. He told me he was sorry and, "They would hear about it if they did the reading." He's so right. The information is out there. Sometimes you just need to find it. 

  He did tell me later he thought my relationship with my step-brother had gotten better. I told him it hadn't. I told him he (nor his wife) ever reciprocates anything. They only do what's polite to say they did. My step-dad was disappointed because his own son didn't really even talk to him on Father's Day at the event. Sure, they were going back to my parent's late for dinner, but still.

  While the rest of my family may not understand 100% what I'm doing or why, they support me for the most part. I know this is a rarity in the keto world. Especially when your dad is a doctor. Luckily for me, my dad does the reading to be informed and if you present him with the science he's more apt to listen. 

  I left my mom's to come home and spend time with my boyfriend. We watched some movies and played some games. Then we took our two friends to dinner to celebrate their birthdays and engagement. We went to Korean BBQ. So good! Almost everything is keto friendly. Now it's time to relax and get some sleep. 

Day 48: Packing & Sister Visit

  There's not a whole lot to say for the keto journey today. We slept in since it's the weekend and we can. My boyfriend had a dentist appointment and while he was doing that I went to my apartment to pack things up. I managed to get through quite a lot.

  I planned out my day based on the fact that I knew his younger sister had a layover at LAX and we were going to grab her for dinner before she continued her journey. Since I knew we were having In-N-Out, I added that to My Fitness Pal this morning. Yes, it's totally possible to do In-N-Out while on Keto. 

  I ordered the Double Double Protein Style. I left the sauce on. I know that I probably should have asked for it without, but I wasn't able to find (at a brief glance) the Double Double Protein Style without sauce as an option in My Fitness Pal. Since this was factored in to my macros of the day, I didn't really have an issue eating the sauce since I planned for it. The sauce didn't make me feel sick or anything similar. 

  We eat the same breakfast every morning. To some people that might be boring, but I think it makes our day a little more efficient. I took a protein shake and some tuna with the blue cheese pecan dip to my apartment to snack on while I was packing. I didn't actually have the shake until I got back to the house.

  We tried a new technique with blending the bulletproof coffee. Well, it was new to me. We put in all our ingredients other than coffee first. Then we added the coffee and blended. This seems to distribute the cinnamon more evenly through the coffee without leaving it at the bottom. 

  After seeing his sister on the plane, we headed up to a bar to say hi to our friends who are a couple and share a birthday. Turns out we got to celebrate their engagement too! Congratulations!! It's a little hard for us being in a situation where everyone is drinking and/or drunk and we aren't. Basically, we tend to go out a bit less now, but it doesn't bother us. We don't miss drinking or wish that we were. It's just an interesting situation when you aren't and everyone else is.

  Now it's time to crash and prepare for tomorrow!

Day 47: Clear Mind

  Sometimes being motivated isn't always easy. So far in this keto journey, I haven't had a minute of "weakness" in wanting to stop. This was a lifestyle choice not a diet. I loved what the Keto dudes said about diets vs lifestyle. They said that diet already gets you in the mindset that you're not going to continue it from the beginning.

  Keto, for me, was never about a temporary change. It was about a permanent change. Finding a solution that could be kept up was what I was looking for. Something that made me feel better and was easy to sustain. Not everyone knows this about me, and I'm not embarrassed about it, but, it's not something I always just bring up. I'm extremely high functioning autistic. 

  If you know me well, you know I've always had problems interacting with people. It's a wonder to me still that I've managed to survive in customer service for so long. I think that part of it is that in a lot of customer service is about logic. You have to cater to the customer's emotional needs, but you also have guidelines you have to stay within. For someone like me, it's the guidelines that make all the difference.

  Often (90% of the time), I can't read how people are going to take things and often times it's simply that it doesn't factor in that I should care. I'm extremely logical and black and white. Emotions aren't something I understand easily. It's a constant struggle for me. People don't really understand how this process works for me.

  It's not that I'm incapable of doing it, it's just that it's an extreme amount of effort for me and constant vigilance. Keto has given me a clearer mind, which helps letting me breathe before responding. It makes it easier to judge what I'm saying and consider how someone else might take it.

  With keto, I've noticed that my mind is so much clearer. I still have a lot I have to work on. I'm not saying that keto "cured" it. I'm saying that keto has made it easier for me to process what I can't usually at first instinct. If you don't understand this problem, I can't accurately describe it to you.

  I was starting by talking about motivation, but I think that's going to be another post. I know I rave about 2 Keto Dudes quite a lot, but that podcast and those dudes really do deserve it. Without them and their podcast and all the amazing people on the ketogenic forum, I wouldn't have been able to open my mind to all the possibilities that keto offers. Hearing all the things that keto has helped people with is so inspiring. Listen to the Non-Scale Victories episode. It will show you all the amazing benefits non-weight related keto has to offer.

  Today was a good keto day. Did well with my macros. The challenge camp didn't happen today, but I took myself outside. I did some walking with a bit of a hike. Then I did some 30 day challenges. Once I start a routine I don't want to break it because it's so hard to start back up again. Now to keep it up on the weekend. I think my boyfriend and I are going to start training for the King's 5k. 

  I keep fading. I'm pretty wiped. Getting ready to move and working takes its toll. Only a few more weeks and then we'll be done. Time to get some rest for hardcore packing and clearing out tomorrow. 

Day 46: Tired

  In preparation for moving, I have been going to my apartment every night and packing up for about an hour. By the time we get home, it's around 8:45pm or so. Then I typically write this post as well as doing the social media for GreySave. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no social media expert, but what I do certainly can't hurt. 

  This has lead to me getting to sleep much later than I would like and not getting as much sleep as I would like. It's starting to wear on me. Tonight I finished a little later at work than normal and was feeling exhausted. So, I decided to come home and relax a little. While it's good to be prepared, getting enough rest is also important. 

  I've been doing really well with my macros. I've been eating a half a serving of macadamia nuts before working out. It's helping me have some energy and not feel as nauseated. I cannot eat before working out at all. I can eat a ton after no problem, but not before. Today for Challenge Camp a coworker and I did a hike and then 20 squat jumps and then finished our hike. It was a great workout. It's so nice to get outside during the day.

  Today I listened to the 2 Keto Dudes podcast about Salt with Dr. James DiNicolantonio. He wrote the book The Salt Fix (also available to order on Amazon). It was fascinating. I will be ordering the book shortly and am highly debating ordering it as a Father's Day gift for my dad. I'm definitely not as worried about my salt intake now. In fact, I've supplemented some more and am thrilled to have names of the best salts to use.

   I did enough exercise to change my macros a bit. Good thing I'm a little hungry. I'll grab a small snack before bed and I'll be good to go. I'll have to monitor this with adding exercise in. I'm sure it will always be a balancing act and I'm ok with that. Well, now to play some games and then some rest. 

Day 45: Preparing

  Being prepared is a big part of how people are successful in everything, not just keto. Packing up my lunch the night before and getting my gym clothes put in a bag. My boyfriend and I get things planned out for the next day. Tonight we took out some salmon to defrost. We've almost finished using up the food from the freezer.

  We will have to go pick up some meat for our lunches, but we're still working through quite a few things in the fridge. So far our process is working for us. He has consistently lost weight each week. While the number varies, he's still gone down every week. My number isn't as steady, but the process is working and I feel so much better.

  Getting all the little things prepared so that in morning we can put the items in our lunch boxes with no delay. Sometimes we do things in the morning, but we try and minimize the amount that needs to be done so that we aren't rushing to get to work on time. 

  Today was my second day of challenge camp at work. It was upper body. It was hard and felt good. Helps me feel more energized getting back to work. It's a little bit of a rush to eat lunch and get back to work on time. There's not a whole lot  more to report.


Day 44: Challenge Camp

  Today was the first day in a long time that I exercised. At my work, they offer a variety of opportunities to work out throughout the day. All run by employees for employees. It's really quite awesome. Challenge Camp is during my lunch, but it doesn't take up the whole hour. Of course, I start the first one with having to run stairs.

  I managed to complete almost all three circuits of the stairs. I started feeling nauseated toward the end of the third set, so I rested. I didn't want to overexert myself and we were outside and it's not exactly cool in California in the summertime. I brought some wipes to clean myself off and a change of clothes. I think this may become a lunch time ritual. I was able to eat some of my lunch before getting back to work and took a protein shake to my desk.

  After work, headed to grab my boyfriend and then we went to my apartment to pack up. Spent an hour and got quite a bit done and the give away bag and box are stuffed. I'll need to take another one tomorrow! It's good getting it all done piece by piece. Way less stressful this way.

  When we got home, we prepared our snacks and food for tomorrow. My macros have been all measured out. I'm ready for tomorrow. I'm going to try eating some macadamia nuts about 30 mins before I workout to see if it helps. Now to get some sleep!

Day 43: Teamwork

  The saying teamwork makes the dreamwork is so true in the case of keto. Having my partner in crime be part of this journey and fully invested in this is incredible. This morning was a weigh in day. I lost 1.2lbs & 0.3% body fat. He lost 0.8lbs. He hasn't gone one week without losing! I've lost 8.2lbs over the 43 days. He has lost 22.6lbs. I'm pretty excited for both of us.

  Slow and steady wins the race after all. Tonight has been the start of packing small amounts of my apartment up. I packed one small bookcase and went through a box that I haven't opened in 2 years. I was able to get rid of 75% of that box. I don't mean I threw it away. I'm taking it to donate. Anything that can be donated will be.

  My boyfriend came and kept me company as I did this. He handed me a new box when I needed one. Having him there as I go through things is a help. It helps me really face what I need and what I don't. It's easier to picture whether or not I'll want it in our apartment or not. He feels like he's making me get rid of things, but if I haven't opened the box in two years, how much do I really need?

  The teamwork continued when we came home and even before that. Prior to that we went to Costco to stock up on some necessities. It's a team effort getting through that store and making sure we get everything we need. We have a shared note so that we can add things to it and both see it.

  When we got home, it was time to make lunches. He cooked the fish and measured it out; and, I did the dishes. I cleaned our coffee mugs and Tupperware for today. I helped measure out our snacks. I calculated my macros for tomorrow. It looks pretty good. Today I fell short by 2g on both protein and fat. Net 16g carbs. Tomorrow I'm set to go over by a bit more.

  We are both really looking forward to our new place and using weekends to prep meals for the week so we stop doing so much prep night to night. This isn't a complaint, but when you're keto and your roommates are, you can't exactly fill the fridge and freezer with keto items. You have to share.

  We are trying to eat up what we have in the fridge and the freezer before we move. We're almost done with the items in the freezer. We are slowly getting through everything in the fridge as well. Some essentials have to be restocked. I can't wait until we get to stock our new fridge, freezer and pantry! It will be a blank slate and become all keto!

Day 42: Chilax

  Today we decided to celebrate our first full weekend off by not doing much together. Now, we did accomplish some necessary things. We did our laundry. We did our food prep for tomorrow. We walked to a video game store to trade in some games and ended up getting me a controller for his PS4. 

  I did some work from home for another job that I have.  We cleaned the fish tank. My betta is named Namor. He's getting old. Starting to have trouble with swim bladder. Trying to figure out best way to keep him happy. I've had him since November 2016. He's been my buddy for quite some time.

  I woke up earlier than I wanted, but I felt rested. I read some from one of my many books that I have that I want to read. Most of this day, however, has been spent playing games on my iPad and catching up on the Arrow and the Flash. We've both been playing games and it's really wonderful just to have a day to be together.

  Since we officially get the keys to our place on June 27, the next few weeks will be filled with packing and going through things. Well, if I'm being totally honest, going through my things. He has a lot less than I do. I am looking forward to having him with me as I clean through things. His reassurance and knowing that I really don't need all the things will help minimize what I keep.

  Of course, I'm finding out that I may have to try and house sit the weekend I move and that's a bit stressful. We will see how that plan goes. Hopefully something can be worked out.

  I did track everything today, but wasn't really worried about a perfect balance. I hit exactly 20g net carbs. I went over on just about everything else, but I don't feel stuffed and I don't feel hungry. I count that as a win win. When planning out my meals for tomorrow things are a little off. 

  One of the things we are trying to do is get rid of a lot of the food here before we move so we don't have to move it. Not to mention, we don't like to waste food. We haven't nearly thrown away as much food as we used to. There is so much less food waste with keto.

  We would really love just to start with a brand new pantry and fridge. It's going to be our keto haven. There will be no unhealthy carbs in the house to start and we won't be bringing any in. We are so excited.

  Now it's just using all available time to get ready and make the move easier. It's certainly not going to be "fun", but I don't want to stress about what's going to happen. I want to be prepared and not rushing. Now it's time to try and get some rest before the start of a busy week.

Day 42: Errands

  Well, it's my first weekend day off, without requesting it, in years. Of course, it's spent doing necessary errands. We did sleep in some this morning, but then it was go go go. My boyfriend does his grandmother's shopping on the weekends, well when he has days off, which is now the weekend. So grandma was our first stop. We park at the store, walk to the apartment and then walk back.

  The shopping is usually heavy, so we then load up the car and drive it back to drop off. I really am so lucky. He's such a thoughtful and caring man. After that, we ran to my other job to grab some boxes to help pack up my apartment. Then it was going to my place of work that I recently left to grab my final paycheck. 

  After this we swung by the house to grab a snack before heading back out. From there we went to the mall and I bought some clothes, a Funko Pop, some hats and he needed a belt. Then we headed to grab some athletic shoes. We are ready to start working out, but lacked the proper footwear. Now we are good to go.

  Breakfast is really the only meal we ate today. By the time we were at our last stop both of us could feel the hangry starting to kick in. The minute we came back home we started making our fathead pizza for dinner. Soooo good. We snacked a bit on some of the ingredients while we were waiting.  I think this is the best one we've done. 

  We seasoned the crust with garlic salt, oregano, matcha infused sea salt and 21 Seasoning Salute (Trader Joe's). We used Alfredo Sauce as the base. Then mozzarella shredded cheese and grated cheddar. We actually added some sliced mozzarella as well. The meats were prosciutto, salami and pepperoni. Just what we needed for dinner. Two slices of the 8 per each one of us is all we needed. 

  The rest of the evening is relaxing and playing games. Can't wait for a day of doing not much of anything tomorrow. 

Day 41: Emotionally Exhausted

  This week has been an emotionally exhausting one. Sunday was my last weekend at a job I have worked at for over a year. It was emotional for me. I didn't cry, which is slightly surprising for me. I think it was also an emotional release. There were some things that happened there that I should never have had to endure.

  Part of what has made this so draining is the follow up to those events. I don't really feel like airing it out all at the moment. Suffice it to say, things are in motion and we will see what will happen. 

  22 days ago my grandfather passed away. Yesterday my flights were booked for his memorial. It hurts and it's hard and it's more real now that the flights are booked. It's something I look forward to and something that I'm dreading at the same time. This event will bring my family together. My family is spread over California, New York and Virginia. (For this side of the family anyways).

  I don't get to see them very often. So many of my cousins have kids. I've never met most of them. In fact one was a baby when I last met him and he just finished second grade. I'm looking forward to getting to see them and meet the ones I haven't. I do my best to send the kids books for the holidays, but I've gotten out of that habit. 

  I've just read about the verbal abuse and harassment Kelly Marie Tran had to go through. It saddens me deeply. She's a beautiful woman who is in one of my favorite franchises. We need more Roses in this world. We need more Kellys. We are all unique. We do not all need to look the same. No matter what we look like, there will always be people who think they know that we should "look better". No, we look perfect the way we are. We are own judge and jury. We are our own worst critics. We don't need anyone to else.

  Keto has helped me this week by keeping my emotions bearable as I moved through the week. It helped regulate them. Going 41 days with one day off, keto can only help so much. Tomorrow is the start of my first full weekend off in quite some time. I really need the sleep and the time to relax.

  The only photo I really have from today is delicious bacon. Enjoy!


Day 40: Good News!

  Today was a good day. I found out I won a contest at work to go see The Wrath of Khan with a talk by William Shatner afterward! Super exciting. Now to find some Star Trek things to wear...Side note, I have seen many episodes from many Star Trek seasons, but there may be some binge watching this weekend.

  The second awesome thing was finding out that we were approved for the apartment that we wanted! We are so excited! That takes a lot of pressure off trying to find a place. Fairly certain most people are alright with the search, but it's the packing and moving that are not fun. I have been trying to pack over the last month or so and get rid of a lot of stuff. Going pretty well so far. 

  I tend to collect things. Clothes. Hats. Figures. I would say you name it, I collect it, but that's not quite true. I have specific things I like. I try and limit myself. I have sold off quite a few things and definitely take a lot of give away bags to my mom. We are both trying to pare down for the move. I'm sure a lot of things (mainly of mine) will be gone through when we unpack.

  I don't see the point in unpacking a box and then repacking it. The good news is, those boxes that haven't been unpacked in about a year probably don't need to be kept. It will be nice to organize our home together. I will be definitely be documenting setting up our keto kitchen! We will be stocking our fridge, freezer and pantry with yummy keto goodness. Can't wait!

  We are thinking about doing a house warming once everything is set up and making a bunch of keto food for our friends to taste. This way we make sure that the food provided is "safe" for us to eat. The dudes on 2 Keto Dudes talk a lot about kitchen gadgets as medical expenses. We've definitely set up a wish list of what gadgets we want in our kitchen. (We do plan on sharing this list with family and friends should they be interested.)

  The other piece of good news was that I hit my macros! 108g of protein (107g goal). 107g fat (103g) goal. 15g net carbs. 3g sugar. Well, we didn't plan out our meals for tomorrow, but we did put some fish in the fridge to defrost so we can make it for lunches tomorrow. This weekend we will be preparing meals for the week and getting reorganized. It will be a lot of fun!

  I was at my place packing up and was a little light headed. It was hot and I was a little sweaty. I made sure to have an electrolyte water when I got home to help. It certainly did. I became a little too involved in playing some games and that's why this post is later than normal. Goodnight everyone! Keep calm and keto on!

Day 39: Relax

  Last night, we planned out our food for today. I ate things out of order, but that doesn't really matter. The order isn't important. I had to take a phone call during my lunch and the only way to do that was to take some of my "snacks" to eat during that time since I didn't think I would get time for my real "meal".

  It's interesting to hear about how so many people aren't hungry. I'm still waiting for that. My macros are on point. I'm trending in the right direction. There's nothing to stress about that I'm not feeling the same as other people. Sometimes you have to just relax.

  Today was stressful. Work actually helped. I was able to distract myself from what had to be done. It's not a situation that particularly applies to keto, but I think keto is helping me not be so upset about it. I think it helps level out my mood a lot more than I thought it could.

  Right now I'm just relaxing. I need to. If you're feeling like relaxing, then relax. Keto isn't supposed to be hard. The 2 Keto Dudes talked about a post someone made on their ketogenic forum saying all the books make it look so hard. You don't need to do those meal plans. Don't get me wrong, they're great. I hope that my boyfriend and I can start cooking some of those recipes, but I doubt we will follow that to a letter.

  I think it's becoming easier to listen to my body. Not having a third job is making it easier to get rest. I look forward to my first full weekend off. There's not too much else to report for today. (Missing photos of the protein shake and the pork rinds.) 

Day 38: Impromptu Date Night

  Today was a pretty good day. I hit all my macros. I had 8g net carbs. 105g of fat (goal 104g) and 112g of protein (goal 108g). Only 4g of sugar. There was plenty of food to eat. With the new schedule at work, we are go go go the whole time. This isn't a bad thing, just means harder to make sure to have snacks at times I've been eating. But, I am following the eat when you're hungry and not eat to eat. That has been working better.

  My boyfriend is still having difficulty hitting his macros. He just doesn't get all that hungry. We're working on figuring it out. We planned out our meals for tomorrow. It's a lot of food. We will see how we handle it. I'm going to try and take photos of everything I am eating. We are super, super close to another non-scale victory, fitting into a smaller pair of jeans! I am super close and he is pretty much in them.

  Tonight I needed a little bit of a pick me up for something that's about to happen. (Nothing to worry about, but it's just a little stressful & not work related). We decided to have an impromptu date night and go play mini golf. It was a lot of fun. It was the exact thing that I needed. 

  There's really not all that much else to report. We are still waiting to hear about our apartment. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Day 37: Measurements

  Today was a weigh in day. I went up 0.2lbs and my boyfriend went down 2.4lbs. I think the little blip off the keto path set me back a bit further than I reckoned. It was also the last weekend of working my 3rd job and I've gone 36 days with only 1 day off. I think stress may be a big part of it.

  There is some good news though! Since the last time I did my measurements, my bust went down by 0.5in and my hips went down by 1in. If anyone is curious, the 0.5in difference in my bust is the difference between a DDD and a large DD. The DDD is now too big!!! My measurement around my stomach went up, but I gain muscle pretty quickly, so hoping that it's that.

  Really starting to feel the itch to workout. We may be getting some workout shoes this weekend. We will probably go for some walks this weekend, but most of this coming weekend is going to be relaxing since it's my first weekend off in who knows how long. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  I did very well on my macros today. Goal was 106g protein. I ate 137g. Goal is 20g net carbs. I ate 13g. Trying to limit sugar and I only had 4g today. Fat goal was 102g and I ate 105g. So all in all a good day. If you're curious at what that is for food, here's the breakdown:

Breakfast: 100% Liquid Egg Whites (6tbsp), Dry Rubbed All Natural Uncured Bacon (2 slices), 0.5oz Shredded Mozzarella Cheese, Bulletproof Coffee (12oz Coffee, 1tbsp heavy cream, 1tbsp coconut oil, 1/2tsp pumpkin pie spice & 2tbsp salted butter)

Snack #1: Propel, 84g Tuna with 5.5tbsp of Chunky Spicy Gucamole

Lunch: Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Chicken with cauliflower rice

Snack #2 (Spread out): Propel, 84g Tuna with 5.5tbsp of Chunky Spicy Gucamole & protein shake

Dinner: 1oz Triple Creme Brie

  We haven't been feeling all that hungry at night, so we aren't forcing ourselves to eat. Tonight I planned out my tomorrow. I packed my snacks ahead of time. I should hopefully have an easier time getting out the door tomorrow. Dishes are done. Coffee is set. Fingers crossed, not running as far behind as I was today. I wasn't late to work, but I don't like cutting it that close. And 100% my fault.

  Well, I've attached some yummy food photos and it's time for bed!



Day 36: End of an Era

  So, today was the last day for me at one of the jobs. It was bittersweet. I have moved on to the perfect job for me. I am sad to leave my friends behind. My bosses were great and the crew over all was wonderful.  I was with the company for over a year. 

  I am really looking forward to having weekends off. I'm looking forward to cooking keto with my boyfriend and starting all the activities we want to do. I bought both of us hockey skates so that we can learn to skate together. We both want to go hiking and starting working out together.

  Last night we submitted an application to an apartment and finalized details of it today. Fingers crossed. We really liked the place and to get this sorted out now would be fantastic. We are really looking forward to setting up our own home together.

  Today was getting back to keto. I think it might take my body another day or two to adjust. I still felted bloated when I got home. I ate keto all day today. Breakfast was egg whites with mozzarella cheese and bacon. On the way to work I had my bulletproof coffee. First snack was some guacamole with turkey breast.

  Lunch was a salmon burger with guacamole. I didn't end up having another snack. I wasn't hungry. We didn't really have dinner because we weren't hungry. I had a protein shake and some pumpkin mousse. I was trying to get closer to hitting my macros. Much closer to hitting fat than hitting protein. In fact, I think the mousse may have gotten me to my fat macros.

  There's really not all that much else to report. My electrolyte water really helped and then I had a another electrolyte water. One is closer to a sports drink than the other, but they both helped me feel better and become hydrated. Tomorrow should be even better. Tonight my head and jaw aren't hutting as much, which is fantastic.

Day 35: Recovering

  So today was a challenging day. The step away from keto night before last, as it's now 1am, really took its toll. This is combined with having 1 day off in the last 34. A very terrible combination indeed. 

  We aren't always the best at getting going in the morning. Especially on a day that we get to sleep in together. Today/yesterday was supposed to be a very busy day. We were going to do quite a lot of apartment hunting, but we got to the first place, loved it and then went to one more for good measure.

  We didn't really have much of a breakfast. We brought chia pudding with us. My headache from the previous night was still there, as well as my jaw hurting. I clench my jaw when I sleep. My stress goes to my shoulders and to my jaw. My jaw hasn't been hurting since we started keto. 

  Tonight was the first time in a long time that I was bloated. It's pretty clear that our sidestep has caused a lot of issues that went away to come back. It was so bad earlier that we had to come back home after seeing two apartments because I felt the "carb flu". I took a two hour rest/nap when we got home. It helped quite a bit.

  My boyfriend was having stomach issues and we had to make a pit stop in the middle of our hunt. This actually turned out alright. I went into a frame store. We ended up walking out with 12 frames. The stores are going out of business. Huge sale. Got frames for most of my Star Wars prints from celebration last year and for our lovely Lady and the Tramp piece from Disneyland.

  After the nap, we snacked on smoked salmon and cream cheese. Made me feel a lot better. On the way to work, I ate macadamia nuts. As a snack at work I had salami and cheese. All the fat and protein made me fell much, much better. Now after filling out the application (fingers crossed!) we are going to crash.